Dec 29, 2020
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NYT film critic named “Dylda” in the list of the best films

According to Dargis, the film is notable for the director’s work, she even called Balagov “an outstanding talent.”

NYT film critic named

Film critic of The New York Times, Minola Dargis, has added Dylda (2019), directed by Kantemir Balagov, to her list of the best films, TASS reports.

There are 10 films on the list, the Russian picture is in last place. According to Dargis, the film came out worthy thanks to the excellent directorial work. Balagov, as the critic put it, is “the one who breaks hearts” and “outstanding talent.”

There is another film on the list that the Russian director worked on. This is Gunda (2020) by Viktor Kosakovsky. The film, however, is American-Norwegian, and has an “exquisitely beautiful view of the animal kingdom.” He finished third.

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