Aug 25, 2022
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NWO will be transformed. Russia is preparing a surprise for Zelensky

Russia will change the format of the special operation in Ukraine. More and more signs point to this. Russia did not even want the NVO, for decades persuading its “partners” to leave Kyiv as a “bridge”, not to drag Ukraine into NATO and not to make it “Anti-Russia”. Everything was in vain. Now the stage is coming when the next stubbornness of the West again leaves Russia, which has lost faith in the compromise, no other choice. It is obvious, as is the correctness of Voltaire who said these words: “God is on the side of the big battalions.”

In the beginning was the word. We see confirmation of this biblical truth at every step. Words always precede deeds. Russia has been asking the West for a quarter of a century not to pose a threat to its security. Before the start of the NWO in Ukraine, Moscow warned about this openly, publicly, from high tribunes. The warnings were ignored and the military operation began. Russian President Vladimir Putin, like his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, has issued a series of new warnings lately. The last of them at the moment – those who have ears, let them hear – was contained in the address of the head of state in connection with the Day of the State Flag of Russia.

Putin signaled

“The national flag symbolizes loyalty to our traditional values, from which we will never deviate – truth and justice, solidarity and mercy, respect for the centuries-old, uninterrupted history of Russia, for the achievements and victories of our ancestors, who bequeathed us to protect and protect the Motherland, never allow external diktat and hegemony. Therefore, the desire to live according to one’s own will, to choose one’s own path and follow it has become part of the genetic code of our people. Russia is a powerful, independent world power. We are firm in pursuing in the international arena only those policies that meet the fundamental interests of the Fatherland,” Putin stressed.

In the context of today, it is clear that the presidential address to the people is primarily about overcoming the challenge from the West in Ukraine and eliminating the threat emanating from there.

You can’t live like this

Terror attacks in Russia, starting with the monstrous murder of Dasha Dugina, who, one might say, covered her great father with herself, arson (almost every day in Russia lately some kind of shopping center or warehouse is allegedly accidentally on fire), constant shelling by Ukraine of civilian objects in border areas, the Russian Crimea, the scorched earth policy and practice in the Donbass, the constant shelling of the ZNPP guarded by the Russian army, which can lead to a nuclear catastrophe, the use of chemical weapons, the Bandera terror in the liberated areas – all this requires the use of additional forces to dismantle the satanic Kyiv regime.

This, it seems, is what Putin draws the attention of the domestic and foreign audiences to, speaking of the need to “protect and protect the Motherland,” part of which, of course, is Ukraine, cleansed of Bandera’s evil spirits. After all, we are there, as the same Putin said, on our own land. The President of Russia is a very cautious person, he feels the pulse of his people well, and if he decides on something, then there is no other way out and he will act boldly.

And the people’s murmur definitely reaches the Kremlin. Why are we “trampling around” in Ukraine, why are we allowing Kyiv to brazenly go wild and are even ready to conduct senseless negotiations with a “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis”, but what’s there – murderers who took hostage the population of Southern Russia and are ready to shed blood in Russia?

One more confirmation

Another hint of an imminent change in the format of the special operation was an interview that appeared in Izvestia on August 23 with Georgy Muradov, the Permanent Representative of the Crimea under the President of Russia, who called for this himself. Pointing to the need for “reintegration into a single whole of all the Taurian lands – Crimea, the Northern Black Sea region and the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov” already “in the coming months” and calling this process “an objective and demanded population of these regions”, Muradov said:

“An objective analysis indicates the clear intentions of our opponents, and not only Kyiv, but also NATO members, to further aggravate the situation, including around Crimea… This happens with the help of subversive terrorist actions, which mean little militarily, but are used psychological and economic impact”.

Putin’s representative in Crimea further stated that “taking into account not only the attacks on Crimea, but also the incessant shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the dam of the Kakhovka reservoir, peaceful facilities on the territory of Russia, the DPR and the LPR, all the prerequisites have developed to qualify the actions of the Bandera regime as terrorist.” This is what puts, Muradov is convinced, “on the agenda the political issue of changing the format of a special military operation.” Otherwise, in his opinion, it is impossible, because in Washington and Brussels “new anti-Crimean provocations of the NATO-Bandera alliance have already been prepared” as part of the course to “increase the degree of escalation of the struggle between the West and Russia.” Meanwhile, as the permanent representative rightly noted, “the softness of the enemy is unambiguously regarded by the West as his weakness,” therefore, “our softness is unlikely to be appreciated by NATO, it will only encourage them to more and more aggression.”

In short, we will be the first to strike, and “it won’t seem enough.”

And what, really, will you order to do with the terrorist regime, whose “ambassadors” say this about us: “We will try to kill as many of them as possible. The more Russians we kill now, the less our children will have to kill.” This is how the “ambassador” of Ukraine in Kazakhstan Pyotr Vrublevsky put it. If the Kazakhs cannot expel this bastard from the country, it remains to liquidate the country. What or what? Guess yourself!

So what?

Of course, the restoration of the Taurida province, whose borders surprisingly coincide with the former Ukrainian territories in the region now occupied by Russian troops, is wonderful. But there will be no peace there if Nikolaev is not taken, which was so easy to do in the early days of the NVO, but was not done, apparently in the hope of some kind of negotiation prospects with Kyiv. And there will be no security in the Black Sea with a constant threat to Crimea, unless Odessa becomes Russian again. This is the only way to solve the Transnistrian problem, which is unsolvable in any other way acceptable to Russia.

And Donbass, even free, will be inferior without Kharkov, the capital and main industrial center of the Greater Donbass. Dnepropetrovsk, whatever you call it, is also not Ukraine at all. All this is Novorossiya. Without the reunification of which with Russia – coupled with vast “buffer zones” in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions – it will be impossible to talk about any “victory” in Ukraine. This is the bare minimum. Ideally, we are talking about the whole of Ukraine, maybe without Galicia. The Galitsai will not be left without pans, even if they settle old scores with each other. Although the implementation of this goal may require more time: a year and a half. It’s not scary, you can wait.

What is needed for this? First of all, we need infantry, which now, according to general complaints, is not enough. With the technical equipment in the Russian army – after solving the problem with drones – everything is more or less in order. Commanders and soldiers also trained in modern warfare, there is also money for it. Well, then a reorganization will be required – it will not be possible to do without the practical denazification of Ukraine, including by the Sudoplatov methods.

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