Mar 29, 2021
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Nursery for pensioners. In social service centers – temporary stay groups

Day care groups for older people are opening at social service centers in many regions. They are created thanks to the national project “Demography”.

Relatives can leave their older family members under professional supervision for a while and be sure that the relatives will be provided with the necessary care and attention. The work of day care groups is organized as part of the creation of a system of long-term care for the elderly and the disabled – this is a comprehensive program to support elderly citizens and disabled people who have partially or completely lost the ability to self-service. The main goal is to provide people in need of care with balanced social services and medical care in a familiar, comfortable environment, as well as to provide support to their families.

In Krasnoyarsk, at the Leninsky social service center, the region’s first day-care group for pensioners with mild to moderate memory and attention disorders was opened. “The region pays great attention to the introduction of a long-term care system. This is necessary in order to provide each person in need of assistance with support for the highest quality of life, ”she said. Irina Pastukhova, Minister of Social Policy of the Krasnoyarsk Territory… The rehabilitation course of classes is designed for two months. For group members, reminiscence therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, a reality orientation program, trainings to restore memory, attention and thinking are carried out. Teachers give additional homework so that training takes place constantly. “The condition for the effectiveness of classes and exercises is their complexity and regularity. When admitted to a group, a rehabilitation therapist conducts mandatory testing of a person’s cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, perception, speech, and so on, and at the end of the course – a final examination. Such exercises, as practice shows, allow achieving positive dynamics or stabilization of the state, which in some cases is also a result, “says director of the center Natalia Ilyicheva… While the group is working in test mode from 9.00 to 13.00 on weekdays. Every morning, the elderly are brought by the institution’s transport. In addition to rehabilitation, they engage in adaptive physical education, occupational therapy, watch films and read books, and walk in the surrounding area. “This form of support for the older generation is just beginning to develop in our region. In the near future, similar groups will appear in two more complex social service centers – Kirovsky and Tsentralny. In the future, the experience of working day-stay groups for senior citizens should be introduced in all social service institutions, ”said the Minister of the Territory Irina Pastukhova.

In the Kirov region, eight day care groups have been created: two are in Kirov and one each in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Vyatskiye Polyany, Malmyzh, Kotelnich, Sovetsk and Yaransk. This year, similar groups are planned to open in Verkhnekamsky, Zuevsky, Orlovsky, Shabalinsky, Omutninsky and Orichevsky districts. Raise Karpov from Novovyatsk – 80 years old. Prior to the introduction of restrictive measures, an elderly woman attended a day care group opened at the Novovyatsk Department of the Kirov City Complex Center for Social Services. “We learned about the group from regional news, immediately became interested and called the complex center,” says the daughter of Raisa Karpova Nadezhda Gennadevna… “Mom doesn’t like being alone, she needs to talk to someone, share her memories, and we, of course, feel calmer, knowing that she is under supervision and does not get bored.” Since February, the group has resumed work. “Returning to our usual way of life, we decided to gradually open day care units, as well as care groups, knowing how important they are not only for the elderly themselves, but also for their close relatives. Employees of comprehensive social service centers that work with representatives of the older generation are already vaccinated against COVID-19, because this is one of the effective security measures, she said. Olga Shulyatieva, Minister of Social Development of the Kirov Region… – At first, taking into account the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, we will refrain from holding collective events – specialists will deal with older people individually. In addition, caregivers are being replenished with fine motor equipment, interactive sandboxes and rehabilitation machines to improve coordination. Employees observe the mask regime and social distance. For the wards, a separate entrance to the group is open, air recirculators are installed, the institutions have the necessary supply of personal protective equipment, all rooms are regularly ventilated and treated with disinfectants. “

Anna Ganikel from the Stavropol Territory attends a day-stay group at the Nevinomyssk Center for Social Services, where she uses the oxygen therapy procedure – this is the use of oxygen to prevent diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The equipment for carrying out such procedures was purchased within the framework of the long-term care system of the national project “Demography”. After two courses, Anna Ganikel noted a significant improvement in her health. And another visitor of the day group Tatiana Lipay after visiting the procedures, she noted an improvement in sleep, normalization of blood pressure and heart rate, and began to get tired less.

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