Dec 31, 2020
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Nurgaleeva Aliya Hospitalized with a leg injury, 30-year-old Regina Todorenko spoke about her health 13:53, 31.12.

13:53, 31.12.

The TV presenter hopes for a speedy recovery.

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The day before, 30-year-old TV presenter Regina Todorenko ended up in a medical facility in Bali due to an injury. Regina went abroad with her husband Vlad Topalov and her son. There, the TV presenter resumed surfing after a long break. However, the training turned into a trauma for her, after which her husband Vlad took the TV presenter to a local hospital. Today Regina underwent a medical examination, but the doctors have not yet announced the diagnosis to the TV star.

In her microblog on Instagram, Todorenko published a snapshot from the hospital ward. In the Stories section, she said that she had already been x-rayed (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.): “We are doing an x-ray of my leg. I hope this is just a bruise, nothing serious. But I did a great surfing. I didn’t even feel how painful it was in the water, there was just a dull pain from the blow. We rode on the waves for another hour, then walked another one and a half kilometers, played with the child. After two and a half hours, I found that I could not stand up. The leg hurts like hell, as if the whole body is penetrated by such a nervous pain, you know. “

Hospitalized with a leg injury, 30-year-old Regina Todorenko spoke about her health

It is noteworthy that the first classes, according to Todorenko, went well. “Andrew gave me a fair ride today. It’s not scary with him. He, if anything, will always push you to the fastest wave. There were very long and very beautiful waves. I caught four. I’m great, ”said the star on her microblog on Instagram the day before. However, the next trip to the ocean turned out to be a leg injury for Regina: “I rode well on the surf. I cut my leg with a reef. I almost got hit on the head by a Finn. There are bruises on the right arm and foot. We’ll have to cut a finger at home, there is a piece of coral inside. “

It is worth noting that at first Regina did not attach importance to the injuries received, but after a few hours she felt worse. In her microblog on Instagram, Todorenko published pictures from the hospital, where she was captured on the couch: “Already in the hospital. Something clearly went wrong, right, honey? But I went surfing and it was great. ” However, Topalov immediately told Regina that she would no longer ride the surf.

30-year-old Regina Todorenko was admitted to hospital in Indonesia with a leg injury

Nevertheless, Todorenko feels better and hopes for a speedy recovery: “Good health to everyone in 2021) Let’s break through, dear ones! The leg feels better, I have been running for gifts all day), the doctors probably cannot determine if there is a crack or not. Perhaps there are specialists among you who will understand what is wrong with the X-ray. Happy New Year, guys! “

Recall that on December 19, Regina Todorenko was hospitalized in Indonesia with her two-year-old son. “Now we are together, have already managed to get to the Indonesian hospital, maybe Mikhail Vladislavovich decided to fall face down on the side of the pool in an attempt to escape from mom. I’m not trying to scare or pity anyone. The doctor said “observe”, prescribed medication; everything will pass, these are boys! ” – wrote Regina. Todorenko added that she continues to explore the island in search of interesting locations for filming with her son, because his view of the world around him will be the most important in the star’s new project.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko with her son

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