Dec 31, 2020
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Nurgaleeva Aliya Danya Milokhin said that he earns more than 2.8 million per month 12:16, 30.12.

12:16, 12/30/2020

The blogger did not name a specific figure.

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Popular TikTok blogger Danya Milokhin became the hero of the new issue of the YouYube show “Beware, Sobchak!” In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, he spoke about his income and expenses. As Milokhin noted, he does not know how to manage financial resources. Nevertheless, the blogger helps his foster family with money, and also helps out friends who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

So, during the conversation, Sobchak noted that Milokhin once earned about two million rubles a month. However, Danya himself assured that his income has become much higher. The blogger did not name a specific amount, but noted that this figure is higher than that indicated in the Forbes list. Note that according to the magazine, Milokhin’s earnings are about three million.

When Xenia asked why Danya does not want to disclose his income, the founder of the bloggers’ agency Yaroslav Andreev answered. He noted that he did not want to spoil the image of the “boy from the orphanage.” In addition, as Yaroslav emphasized, when people find out about the earnings of a particular person, they begin to treat him differently. Sobchak herself believes that Milokhin should be proud of his earnings.

Danya Milokhin said that he earns more than 2.8 million a month

However, as Milokhin himself noted, it is unpleasant for him that in the Forbes list one of the young bloggers is higher than him. According to him, the incomes of these people are overstated. By the way, because of the big money, according to Dani, he does not know how to manage money. So, earlier he paid his driver 20 thousand a day. In total, for a month of work, Milokhin transferred him 500 thousand rubles. In addition, as Danya said, he often donates money to his friends.

Recall that in the outgoing year, Danya Milokhin and the most famous blond Russian pop music Nikolai Baskov released a video for the song “Wildly Tusim”. This experiment of Baskov cannot be called unsuccessful: the duet clearly fell in love with the general public, since since September 17, since the publication of the video on YouTube video hosting, it has gained more than 30 million views. Note that the joint composition of the musicians was distinguished by an interesting combination of two different genres of music – rap and pop.

Nikolay Baskov in the video “Wildly Party”

Also in November this year, Milokhin took part in the video “There is only a moment” for the premiere of the series “Dyatlov Pass”. In it, the singer MARUV, together with a TikTok blogger, performs the Soviet hit from the 1973 film Sannikov Land. The romantic video, in which the actors who played in the series of the members of the Dyatlov’s tourist group, starred, was filmed in black and white for a reason. The mystical drama, which told the audience about what happened in 1959 at the infamous pass, also features black and white episodes. They represent an artistic reconstruction of the campaign of the “Dyatlovites” and preparation for it.

MARUV and Danya Milokhin – “There is only a moment” (OST “Dyatlov Pass”)

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