Dec 31, 2020
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Nurgaleeva Aliya Andrey Malakhov admitted that he does not take offense at Natasha Koroleva for her intention to sue him 13:32, 30.12.

13:32, 12/30/2020

The actress did not forgive the TV presenter for the release of the live talk show with her husband’s mistress.

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For the past few months, Natasha Koroleva’s family has been in the spotlight. The singer was drawn into a story with her husband’s mistress Tarzan. It is noteworthy that the host of the Live Show and Hello Andrey! Andrei Malakhov was not going to touch on the topic of this scandal in his programs. Nevertheless, later on the air of the channel “Russia 1” there was a release of the talk show “Live”, in which Malakhov spoke about the first meeting of Tarzan with his mistress Anastasia Shulzhenko. The Queen was outraged by the release of this issue and announced that she intends to sue the TV presenter.

Today Andrei Malakhov became the hero of a new issue of “Alena, damn it!”, Where he said that he had been friends with Natasha Koroleva for a long time, so he did not hold any grudge against her. As the TV presenter noted, the conflict began with the fact that the first issue with the Queen after the scandal with Tarzan’s mistress came out in October this year with Ksenia Sobchak. “Dear comrades Boris and Malakhov, this issue is dedicated to you. Envy in silence! ” with these words the release of the YouTube show “Beware, Sobchak!” about the Queen’s family.

Natasha Koroleva in the show “Beware, Sobchak”

According to Malakhov, Tarzan’s mistress Anastasia Shulzhenko came to him in September of this year, but because of his friendship with the Queen, Andrei refused to release her with her. It is noteworthy that shortly before this, the singer promised to give an interview to Malakhov. “If I give an interview, then only you”, said the Queen to her friend. Nevertheless, after these words, she appeared on the show with Sobchak, to which the TV presenter was very surprised.

According to Malakhov, he left this conflict in the past: “She did the right thing, she must defend her honor and dignity. She can do whatever she wants, even sue me. I have great feelings for Natasha Koroleva. Her song “Yellow Tulips” this is my hit in karaoke. Even my wife’s birthday is on the same day as the Queen. I did my best in this situation to protect her from a scandal. “

Andrei Malakhov admitted that he does not hold a grudge against Natasha Koroleva for her intention to sue him

Andrei Malakhov noted that he did not understand why the Queen decided to go to Sobchak. According to him, the TV presenter only made fun of the scandal around Tarzan’s betrayal: “Sobchak really mocked them. Mocked them as best she could, trolled them elegantly. But Natasha still ends up with her and sits there telling her everything. OK”. Nevertheless, Malakhov does not exclude that he will work with her in the future. But only in the event that there are some revelations from Natasha, which, as Andrei noted, she has not yet told Sobchak. “I’m waiting for her call, if necessary, call back”, summed up Malakhov.

I must say that the family situation of Natasha and Tarzan was discussed at once in several talk shows. So, Shulzhenko became the heroine of the program “Actually”. By the way, in that episode it turned out that the actress was not pregnant. Interestingly, this really turned out to be shocking news for her. It is worth noting that Tarzan in his Instagram microblog said that Channel One was preparing a series of issues dedicated to his family. The dancer urged Konstantin Ernst and the leaders of other channels to sort out this situation and no longer raise the topic of his betrayal on television.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

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