Jan 12, 2022
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Nuland: US is working with Germany and the EU to delay the launch of SP-2

The United States authorities are working with representatives from Germany and the EU to slow down the launch of Nord Stream 2. This was stated by the US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

According to her, the current government of Germany has taken significant steps to slow down the consideration of the issue of using the gas pipeline. Nuland also added that it was possible to reach agreements with the new Cabinet of Ministers on the suspension of the SP-2 in the event “if Russia resorts to aggression against Ukraine.”

The US Undersecretary of State noted that there is no disagreement between the United States and its allies on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions that they allegedly can impose. Nuland said the US and Europe could take a number of measures that will not be exactly the same, but will be painful for Russia. However, she added that the United States “does not want to use” these measures.

Nuland also pointed out that the United States is not watching from the Russian side of actions to de-escalate the situation on the border with Ukraine. In her opinion, negotiations on security guarantees cannot be successful without this.

At the same time, the Deputy Head of the State Department called on the population of Ukraine “to unity.”

“National unity is especially needed at this moment. Your independence and sovereignty concern <...> your European aspirations. But now it is important to be united in the context of what is happening, “Nuland quotes the TASS agency.

This is not the first time the West has been accusing Russia of a “possible invasion” of Ukraine. In the Russian Federation, these statements are rejected. The press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov noted that such reproaches against Russia are groundless.

The Russian Embassy in the United States said that Russia has the right to independently decide where to deploy troops inside the country, as well as when and where to conduct exercises on national territory.

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