Oct 10, 2021
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Nuland goes to Moscow to decide the fate of Ukraine

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. (Photo: AP Photo / Boris Grdanosk / TASS)

US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, included in the black list of unwanted persons in Russia, intends to visit Moscow at the beginning of the coming week. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the visit of an American State Department official had been agreed.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation clarifies in his Telegram channel Maria Zakharova, Nuland will stay in the Russian capital for three days – from 11 to 13 October. And at the request of the American side, he will hold talks at the Foreign Ministry, as well as a number of meetings with officials in other Russian departments.

Earlier, the press service of the US Department of State issued a message about the agreements reached on the visit of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs to Moscow, where she will go, “to meet with high-ranking officials to discuss a number of bilateral, regional and global issues.” After which she will fly to Beirut, and then to London.

Recall that in the spring of 2019, Nuland was included in Russia on the “black list” of unwanted persons in response to US sanctions. And she was prohibited from entering the territory of our country.

But now, presumably, the issue of issuing a visa, which, according to the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov, in September it was just being worked out, decided positively. True, it remains unclear whether Washington agreed to fulfill the conditions set by Moscow to make this possible.

As Kommersant wrote, in response, the Russian side expected the United States to lift restrictions on our diplomats. In particular, for a specialist in the Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Vorontsov, who has not been issued an American visa since the fall of 2019. They will also allow several representatives of Roscosmos and the Ministry of Defense to enter.

In addition, the publication claimed that during the planned visit of the Deputy Secretary of State to the Russian capital, she will hold talks with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Andrey Rudenko, as well as with the deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak

As you know, Kozak is in charge of the Ukrainian direction in the Kremlin. This means that Ukraine, most likely, will definitely be on the agenda of the upcoming Nuland talks, which also has a lot to do with this country. Since the presidential administration Obama she just dealt with the issues of politics in relation to the post-Soviet states.

And in 2014, during the Kiev Maidan, she not only publicly morally supported opponents Yanukovych, but also fed them from her own hands – the notorious “Nuland cookies” have already become in fact her calling card.

She is now in the State Department the chief official in charge of the Ukrainian topic. And one of her last high-profile statements that the United States is ready to join the negotiations in the “Normandy format”. She made it on September 10, speaking at the Yalta Strategy forum in Kiev.

As you know, the President of Ukraine has long sought to expand the Normandy Four at the expense of the Americans. Vladimir Zelensky… And just the other day the head of his Office Andrey Ermak had a telephone conversation with Nuland about the “importance of strengthening the role of the United States” in the negotiation process to resolve the situation in the east of the country. For some reason, Yermak believes that since the United States is a member of the OSCE, it has the right to enter the Normandy format, turning it from the Quartet to the Five.

Another thing is that it will decide if all decisions and agreements are sabotaged by Kiev. But for some reason we took such, frankly, unpopular step, and allowed Nuland to come?

SP asked to comment on the situation Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, political scientist Vladimir Shapovalov:

– As for why we accept Nuland, such an unpopular person with us, there are two reasons. First, Russia is committed to dialogue. This is generally our approach. We are always ready to discuss certain issues with all parties, especially if there is a long list of problems in bilateral relations. And in this sense, the United States is no exception. Moreover, it is the largest global and military-political player. One of the largest economic players, along with China.

That is, due to the importance and significance of the US position on certain issues for the fate of the world, of course, Russia is always disposed to dialogue. The states are not in tune, but Russia is in tune.

In this regard, by the way, a vivid example is Russian-Turkish relations. We have a huge list of contradictions, but due to the fact that Turkey is ready to conduct a dialogue, our countries continue to interact on an ongoing basis. And discuss at the highest level the complex and conflicting issues that we have.

“SP”: – But what urgency is Nuland’s visit to Moscow? You could meet with her on the neutral side or discuss what they need over the phone …

– Nuland’s visit is diplomatic. And in this case, we abstract from the subjective factor associated with the fact that this is, in general, a person who has done a lot within the framework of anti-Russian policy. This is important for us. Still, the interest in maintaining a dialogue prevails in this case.

Therefore, we treat Nuland as the representative of the United States, who is authorized to discuss these issues. And our, so to speak, negative attitude towards her, quite justified, here recedes into the background.

Again, the American side asked for negotiations.

By the way, let me remind you that with Putin Biden met in Geneva on its own initiative. And this is no coincidence.

First, the entire degradation of Russian-American relations occurred solely due to the actions of the United States. Russia had nothing to do with this. And, consequently, the restoration of this dialogue is also taking place at the initiative of the Americans. Since we always take the position of the need for dialogue, then if we have an interlocutor who is ready to conduct this dialogue, we are always glad of this.

Here we must admit that the Biden administration has taken certain steps that testify to the fact that they are ready to discuss certain issues.

“SP”: – I wonder what made them take these steps?

– The fact is that a global restructuring of the world is underway, in which the United States is a leader losing ground, leaving, so to speak, at least part of the global space.

And the point is not that the Americans left Afghanistan. States are phasing out their presence in different parts of the world. They are losing interest in Europe. And they are concentrating their efforts in Asia. They are concentrating on the confrontation with China.

And since the resources are no longer enough to dominate the world, the American side, willy-nilly, is trying to rebuild the system so as to retain global leadership with fewer forces, fewer resources that they have left. This is, in fact, the essence of the global agenda that the United States currently has. Once there is a restructuring of the presence in all corners of the world for confrontation with China, then the entire system of American foreign policy is rebuilt.

This also applies to relations with Russia and relations with Ukraine. And many other questions. Therefore, it is important for the United States that the Russian-Chinese alliance does not take shape completely. Since Russia and China are friendly powers, it would be desirable for the Americans to drag Russia into an anti-Chinese military alliance, which, of course, will not happen. But at least Washington has begun to take steps towards developing a dialogue with Russia.

On the other hand, in this regard, the Ukrainian direction is an important aspect. Because the Americans, of course, are not going to lose Ukraine. But they are trying to minimize their efforts to maintain, so to speak, control over this territory. And here it is necessary to negotiate, to conduct a dialogue with Russia.

SP: Why would Washington join the hopeless process, of which the Normandy format has already become a part of Kiev’s policy?

– Of course, there can be no idea of ​​turning the “Norman Quartet” into the “Five”. This is absurd.

In fact, we see the replacement of the “Normandy four” by the “Moscow two”, if you like – that is, direct Russian-American dialogue on the fate of Ukraine, in which Ukraine is not a subject.

And even Europe is not a subject. The subjects of the dialogue are Russia and the United States, which should discuss the future of Ukraine, as well as a number of issues related to Europe, the post-Soviet space and the Middle East.

In this regard, the topic of Ukraine is extremely important. Since the country is in crisis. And this is an unpredictable country from the point of view of certain actions of the Ukrainian leadership.

By the way, pay attention to the fact that the visit is taking place against the backdrop of an offshore scandal.

“SP”: – Does it have any meaning?

– Of course. It is no secret that the so-called “independent journalists” who are posting all these exposing documents are acting on orders from Washington. Notice that everyone is there except the Americans. Although it is clear that the main offshore capital is American capital, not Ukrainian, Russian, or German. And the Americans are not there, because they order this music.

Second, the number of Ukrainians included in this list is comparable to all other countries combined. That is, “Box Pandora”, Which has now opened, opened specifically to compromise Ukrainian politicians and, above all, President Zelensky, who, based on these documents, is the number one corrupt official in Ukraine, and perhaps in the global space.

And in this connection, obviously, we are talking about the future of Ukraine. About how, in fact, the political space and economic policy of the country will be formed. In the near future, this topic seriously worries us, since the Ukrainians are still a brotherly people to us, and we want all kinds of benefits and prosperity for them – on the one hand. On the other hand, we hope that the armed conflict and genocide of the Russian and Russian-speaking population, which, in fact, is the basis of modern Kiev’s policy, will end in Ukraine.

“SP”: – Can the Americans offer anything for this?

– The question is not worth it – what the Americans have to offer. And Russia has already offered its assistance to Ukraine in the gas issue. This is undoubtedly a very serious and powerful signal for both Kiev and Washington. In fact, this is such a gesture of goodwill on the part of Russia. According to some reports, by the way, Russia will annually lose $ 3 billion on this, which we actually donate to Ukraine.

But how did Kiev respond to our goodwill?

Kiev responded by announcing politics Victor Medvedchuk, who expresses the interests of the East of Ukraine, is a terrorist.

Is a dialogue with the current Kiev authorities possible on the part of Russia? Of course not. Because these are characters that cannot be negotiated.

Therefore, the dialogue will be conducted with the owners of Kiev – i.e. with Washington. And it will concern, I think, the future of Ukraine in all its senses. Russia, as I understand it, still counts on the fact that the United States will be able to influence the situation in such a way that there will be no victims and bloodshed in Ukraine. In any case, to minimize these processes.

It is important here that Kiev is not a subject of international relations. And no matter how much Zelensky makes loud statements, it is not he who determines policy, but issues in Moscow, Washington and a number of other capitals are resolved for him. Right now, a series of talks on the fate of Ukraine will take place in the Russian capital.

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