Oct 11, 2021
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Nuland broke through to Russia

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

Photo: US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. (Photo: AP Photo / Boris Grdanoski / TASS)

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the upcoming visit to Moscow of the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland… This was reported by an official representative of the Foreign Ministry. Maria Zakharova… Nuland, in accordance with Washington’s request, will hold talks at the Russian Foreign Ministry on October 11-13 and meet with officials in other departments.

Recall that since 2019, the American has been on the “black list”, she was forbidden to enter the territory of Russia. At the end of September on September 25, it became known that Moscow had set a condition for the issuance of a Nuland visa. In particular, Washington was required to issue an entry permit to a specialist in the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Konstantin Vorontsovwho has not been able to obtain a visa since 2019. In addition to him, several diplomats, representatives of Roscosmos and the Russian Ministry of Defense have not received American visas.

Already in early October, another round of complications in diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States began. Several U.S. Senators wrote an open letter to the President of the United States Joe Biden, in which they demanded that he give Russia an ultimatum: Moscow must expand the US embassy, ​​or 300 Russian diplomats will be expelled from Washington.

In response to this, the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that there are simply no such number of Russian diplomats in Washington. It turns out that the Americans are proposing to close the Russian embassy in general, and we will close them in response, and then what?

Does Nuland’s entry permit bring some kind of relaxation? Or will it be perceived as a concession that will only irritate the Americans?

– If you are included in the “black list”, then there are no visas. Changing shoes on the go, Moscow is acting inconsistently, – I’m sure Professor of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Doctor of Political Science Andrey Manoilo… – Apparently, Nuland is flying to Moscow to threaten something again. Ours want to let her in, so that later they can say that, they say, the United States cannot solve a single key issue without Russia, so they sent Victoria. Like, bow. There is a pure conjuncture here, and a primitive one.

“SP”: – Earlier, the Americans threatened to expel 300 Russian diplomats. Will they not now consider that we are admitting Nuland a concession?

– This concession is. The real goal is to exert constant and increasing pressure on the Russian leadership. Moreover, so that everyone around can see it. And – helplessness in return.

I think we’ll bend again. And let us explain this by some cunning maneuver: we do not retreat, we lure.

According to coordinator of the party “Other Russia E. V. Limonov” * Andrey Dmitriev, the Russian leadership is once again currying favor with “respected partners” from the current administration:

– First Vladimir Putin negotiated with Joseph Biden, despite the “killer” thrown at him and the lack of an apology. Now the Foreign Ministry is letting us in with a patented Russophobe who is directly involved in the bloody Ukrainian drama, known for her statements about the need to “push Putin to the wall,” as well as being under sanctions and on the “black list”. Moreover, it was previously reported that Moscow expects a reciprocal lifting of US sanctions for Konstantin Vorontsov, a representative of the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry. But nothing has been reported about this. I would like to know – were these wishes heard in Washington, or did we make unilateral concessions?

“SP”: – About what and with whom is she going to talk in Moscow?

– It is assumed that in Moscow Nuland will discuss with deputies Sergey Lavrov Sergey Ryabkov and Andrey Rudenkoas well as a special representative Dmitry Kozak issues related to Ukraine. It is clear that they are in charge of the Russian direction in the State Department and there should be some kind of contacts with her. But why shouldn’t the diplomats meet with her in a third country then? Say, in Switzerland or in Finland?

And in general, I have no idea what in the current situation it is possible to agree on Ukraine. Deal – the United States recognizes Crimea as Russian, and we surrender the Donbass? It is unlikely that now Moscow, and even Washington, will agree to this. Truce? How many of these truces have been, and the inhabitants and defenders of the people’s republics continue to die. A meeting Vladimir Zelensky with Putin? Unlikely as long as the godfather of the Russian president Victor Medvedchuk is under criminal prosecution. Solve the issue of further pumping gas through the territory of the square after the launch of Nord Stream-2? So Putin has already solemnly promised not to reduce the volumes … In general, there is not much sense in her visit, but the deflection of the Kremlin is already evident.

– It’s not really a question of bargaining, – considers Associate Professor of the Financial University Gevorg Mirzayan… – What did the Americans give us for this visit? They just did what they had to do – they issued a visa to the one to whom they were supposed to be issued. As for the visit itself, it shouldn’t have caused surprise at all in a normal situation – it’s just that a US official comes to Moscow to conduct preliminary negotiations. However, our relations are so neglected, our mutual visits have decreased so much that even this kind of visit – not of a particularly high level, by the way – is already surprising.

“SP”: – Is Moscow doing the right thing? Is this Russophobic necessary here? If this is a deal: we let it in, and they let us in, how justified is it?

– Of course, right. She is an active member of the Biden administration. We are not going to chase tea with her and not to baptize children, but to negotiate. And we let her in not so that she shit here, but in order to exchange opinions with her and convey our position to the White House – not Maria Zakharova-Style (that is, through TV, with emotions), but by diplomatic methods. That is, through dialogue.

“SP”: – To what extent has the compilation of our “black lists” been an effective answer? There were no other options?

– Well, there, as I understand it, the question was not “were / were not”. This is the principle of diplomatic reciprocity, it applies always and everywhere. They banned our entrance – we closed their comrades. No offense, according to the law – unwritten in diplomacy. Of course, we are not talking about efficiency here – Western politicians do not aspire to Russia for shopping and vacations, they do not keep real estate and accounts here. But, as I said, the principle of reciprocity.

“SP”: – So we will continue to blackmail each other? How long will these “visa wars” last?

– I hope until the United States stops engaging in open discrimination against ours. Until they either stop the Russophobic information campaign, or limit its influence on real politics. However, we all understand that it is extremely difficult to do this – for this, Washington must at least see Russia as an equal partner. So far, this perception is far from it.

Of course, we can do it easier and reset to zero – as was the case with Obama… But without eliminating the causes of critical errors in the system, it will continue to freeze even after reboot

“SP”: – Earlier, American senators demanded from Biden to deliver an ultimatum to Russia: Moscow must expand the US embassy or 300 Russian diplomats will be expelled from Washington. In Moscow, they were accused of not understanding the nature of international relations. Is there a real adequate limit to these actions? Or maybe even before the closure of the embassies?

– There is no limit to Russophobia, and sometimes it seems that it would be better to get it. The closure of embassies and the recall of all personnel is a very clear and demonstrative bottom. Those who find themselves on it will very quickly feel the fear of darkness and hopelessness, of the unpredictability and ambience of war. And then, perhaps, they will understand that they urgently need to push off from this bottom.

* not registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

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