Sep 26, 2021
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Nuland baked cookies and went to Russia. But here are their own gingerbread, from Tula

In the photo: Victoria Nuland

In the photo: Victoria Nuland (Photo: Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press)

US Undersecretary of State, generously handing out cookies, Victoria Nuland already in October she plans to visit Moscow. A figurant of the Russian “black list” can get a visa in exchange for the issuance of American visas to our diplomats, who were previously denied them.

In particular, Moscow requires the issuance of a visa to a specialist in the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Konstantin Vorontsov, reports “Kommersant”, citing a source in Russian government agencies.

The diplomat is responsible for multilateral disarmament issues and must travel to New York to the UN headquarters to attend the First Committee of the General Assembly, but has not been able to obtain a US visa since the fall of 2019. In addition to him, against the background of the “diplomatic wars” between Russia and the United States, the Americans then refused visas to 13 more Russian diplomats, parliamentarians, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Roscosmos. The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest, the scandal was discussed by the UN, which even dedicated a special resolution to this, but the issue was never resolved.

Initially, Victoria Nuland’s visit was planned for November, but now it is about October. It is expected that in Moscow she will be received by the deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak and the main topic of the talks will be Ukraine.

A senior American diplomat, considered an expert on the post-Soviet space and the main specialist in Russian for the current administration, is known for her participation in the events of 2014 in Kiev. Then the compassionate still Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs visited the Maidan and fed the protesters with cookies. In the future, Ms. Nuland advocated tougher sanctions against Russia, was included in the “black list”, which is why she was so far refused a visa.

What kind of cookies did Mrs. Nuland prepare for Moscow and should we wait for her to visit? Will Ukraine alone be the focus of her possible meeting with Mr. Kozak?

Konstantin Blokhin, Leading Researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that not only the Ukrainian topic will be discussed, but also the related “Nord Stream-2”.

– These are resonant topics not only in our country, but also in the United States, tk. The launch of Nord Stream 2 is viewed there as a severe blow to the US’s geo-economic positions in Europe.

On the whole, Russian-American relations are so large-scale that it is possible to discuss not just some topics, but whole blocs – these are regional problems, issues of strategic stability, and bilateral relations.

“SP”: – Should we expect constructiveness from the meeting between Nuland and Kozak, given that the situation in the same Ukraine, despite the Minsk agreements, various meetings and discussions, leaves much to be desired?

– Based on who this lady is (it is clear that she is associated with the neoconservative circles of the United States, the most aggressive representatives of the American establishment), most likely, this is not a dove visit and that in anticipation of it one can hope for improvement, stabilization etc. Nuland will try to put pressure on Moscow so that, as a result of the launch of Nord Stream 2, Russia still does not restrict gas transit through Ukraine.

The key American idea was not simply to cut Ukraine off from Russia, but to do it for the Kremlin’s money. Nord Stream 2 is getting in the way of all the cards. If there is no transit, Ukraine will lose $ 3 billion, which is a large amount for its budget, damage to the Ukrainian economy. This is a sore point for the United States as a patron. The United States does not want to sponsor Ukraine, if it does, then it is handouts that you cannot afford. They gave 60 million dollars, but this is good for the Ukrainian official, but not enough for the country.

Obviously, the United States cannot block Nord Stream 2, this should have been done during the presidency. Barack Obamabecause the point of no return has long been passed.

For Germany, this is an important infrastructure project that the German elite will not abandon. The current gas crisis has only demonstrated Europe’s vulnerability. According to the estimates of the German press, the cost of the pipeline is more than 40 billion euros; abandoning it will cause more damage than all the American sanctions combined. In addition, it is a matter of energy security. If there is no Nord Stream 2, will Germany depend on US LNG?

“SP”: – But what in this case, what can and will the Americans do?

“They will try to make sure that this pipeline is not loaded at full capacity, and this depends on collective multilateral diplomacy. Will they be able to come to an agreement with Germany so that it does not buy a certain amount of gas from Russia?

Much depends on Germany. Will they be able to come to an agreement with NATO allies who will also put pressure on Germany on this issue? It will be easier to negotiate if there are reasons to strengthen their own positions.

For this, cases related to Ukraine, accusations of Moscow of all kinds of dirty tricks and the like will be used.

“SP”: – So is it really worth giving a visa to the declared Russophobe, even at the cost of visas for our diplomats, if the hopes for constructiveness practically tend to zero?

– It is clear that Nuland is on the “black lists”, but she is there on political issues. If you are interested in solving some problems, and this is possible only as a result of dialogue, then the question is not existential.

We have pragmatists and realists in the Kremlin. They took it and offered to get a visa only when our problems with diplomats are resolved. Nuland, of course, is a “hawk”, but we also negotiated with the Taliban *, and this is a terrorist organization.

I don’t think it will be a problem for Nuland to invite if she is interested in solving problems. Dialogue allows you to identify interest or lack thereof.

“SP”: – Arriving in Moscow, she will not start messing with water, handing out cookies?

– She will come with a specific message. Our counterintelligence should react to the “trouble”. That the US wants to stir up trouble is so. They cannot take us impudently, they will try to take us from within, destabilize the situation, discredit the elections etc. However, it is necessary to listen to her, to see if Washington’s position on this issue has changed, to see what he wants.

“SP”: – Can this visit be considered an unofficial accession of the United States to the “Normandy format”?

– Whether or not the United States joined the “Normandy format” has no significance, because, in fact, they occupy a key position here: they control the processes in Ukraine and manipulate it. Whether or not they exist in a “format” is a second, more official matter, but as they say, Ukraine will follow that trajectory.

* Movement “Taliban”, Taliban – the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on February 14, 2003 was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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