Nov 11, 2022
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Nudists who went on a cruise did not win the approval of everyone

nudists went on a cruiseMembers of Get Naked Australia promote the practice of being naked in nature, which encourages people to have a positive attitude towards their own bodies.

nudists went on a cruise

So when nudists led by founder Brendan Jones went on a cruise around Sydney Harbor (Australia), they, of course, got rid of all their clothes.

nudists went on a cruise

Brendan emphasized that there was nothing sexual about their pleasure trip. People just liberated themselves and got the opportunity to gain self-confidence and spiritual healing.

nudists went on a cruise

However, the nudist cruise was not welcomed by everyone. Those who like to flaunt naked were called persons without shame and conscience. Some call for a ban on such outrages by law, because people from neighboring boats (including children) should not have been able to contemplate the abundance of naked bodies. Be that as it may, but for now, opponents of nudists will have to put up with it and mentally prepare for a new cruise, which is scheduled for December.

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