Jan 12, 2022
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Nuclear coup: the European Union is going to revive the construction of nuclear power plants

Nuclear coup: the European Union is going to revive the construction of nuclear power plants

Photo: Eric Romanenko / TASS

500 billion euros – this is the amount estimated for the project of a new pan-European nuclear energy system. The gas crisis forced the “enlightened common people” to abandon the nuclear energy boycott. This is not good news for Russia.

“To achieve carbon neutrality, we really need to move to the next level in decarbonized electricity production in Europe, given that the demand for electricity will double in thirty years. This implies significant investments to increase the production capacity of similar types of energy: nuclear and renewable, ”said the European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton

And he outlined the price of the issue – 20 billion euros annually and 500 billion euros until 2050. This is only in the “peaceful atom”!

The rejection of nuclear energy by gay Europeans is a very curious story. After the sabotage (the so-called accident) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, the “green” and other marginals made a little noise, but rather quickly calmed down. It was then clear to any normal person that nuclear energy was the future of mankind, and accidents – they sometimes happen everywhere. And it took time and a powerful propaganda campaign to dissuade everyone in this.

But the Yankes were not up to it – they “jerked” the USSR. However, in 2000 everything was over, a new government was put in the Russian Federation and stable supplies of hydrocarbons abroad were ensured. It was possible to take care of Geyrope.

All the media began to circulate anti-nuclear “horror stories”, and shortly after the “millennium” the German authorities adopted a law to abandon nuclear power plants. All other countries were concerned with similar legal acts. In addition to France, the “peaceful atom” there generates more than 70% of electricity and frog lovers are not going to change anything. They have sent and are sending all neighbors to a well-known national address and continue to improve the reactors. Well done!

But the Deutsches have an ass in some way. On December 31, 2021, three of the six remaining nuclear power plants in Germany were shut down. By the end of 2022, they will be closed as well. Electricity supplies are already coming from neighboring France, the very same nuclear power plant. Monsieur has a lot, energy is more than 20% redundant, so they earn money, including on the Germans.

Coal and gas are our everything. This is approximately how the rhetoric of the EU bosses began to sound in the early 2000s. Relatively speaking, instead of nuclear reactors – coal reactors. Here we would still have to hurry up and start delivering kits for the self-assembly of Russian stoves to the Gayropeans. And provide good birch firewood. But somehow Russian business overslept this topic, but there was a chance …

The gas crisis of this winter has set the minds of many in the right place. Nuclear energy has been declared quite “green”, and sane materials have reappeared in the press.

“If not for the nuclear power plant, Europe would have plunged into darkness. In addition to being a performance leader, nuclear power is also absolutely irreplaceable because it is the foundation and the main power that ensures the stability of an extremely complex system that could be called the nervous system of Europe. Millions of small plants are connected to large reactors, using alternative energy sources, which, however, are not stable – and therefore lead to chaos in the power supply networks, ”says a professor at the University of Bologna. David Tabarelli

Why such an overstag turn? Yes, it just became cold, nothing more. For the 21st century, burning oil, gas and coal in order to generate heat can generally be regarded as wildness if there is an alternative in the form of nuclear energy. Turn on your electric heating and enjoy the comfort of your home. Which is what the French are doing. By the way, they also produce the best electric convectors, devices under the Noirot brand are used all over the world. Monsieur knows a lot not only about perversions, but also about the competent use of electricity.

It’s easiest for the French – they can do whatever they want. But the Germans are not. When taking office, the head of the German government signs the so-called “Chancellery” – a document stating that he will obey Uncle Sam in everything. Military bases with occupation forces are very conducive to this. If something is wrong, you yourself understand …

The rest of the European Union states are attached. We are not even talking about the former socialist countries, these look into the mouth of Washington and immediately begin to squeal approvingly in support of any overseas initiative. Nobody specifically asks for a trifle like Belgium and Finland, they are supposed to oscillate in unison with the general line of the “Washington Regional Committee”.

And this line was simple – you buy oil and LNG, do not blather. You can also take Russian gas, in moderation, as much as we shall say. To close all nuclear power plants, switch to coal and solar power plants. Little sun? Your problems, learn from the Lithuanians, there, they extract their gas, from manure and other “secondary product” (© V. Voinovich). They also seem to have found oil in the Vilnius sewerage system, and they are learning to process it. Learn from the best practices!

The Americans, who control the production of all Arab oil, have made fabulous money off nuclear power. And they continue to download them from the European Union, and every day more and more.

But literally the other day, something has changed. Since January 1, 2022, France, an atomic power, has become the President of the Council of the European Union. Just six months, yes. But during these six months, you can change a lot, subsequently writing off everything to the freedom-loving monsieur. Actually, it started – the former Minister of Finance of the Fifth Republic, Thierry Breton, announced the “European atomic revolution.”

He can. Apparently, this demarche was being prepared ahead of time, and the gas crisis was just a catalyst for making quick decisions. In addition to the construction of new nuclear power plants, the European Commissioner also announced that the service life of all currently operating reactors will be extended. That is, nothing else will be closed. Closed.

Without a doubt, in France they now drink champagne and eat foie gras. Or they don’t have a snack – the degree steals the snack. At the pan-European atomic renaissance, Paris will simply get rich, it has no competitors here. The Russians are unlikely to be allowed into the EU, and the state of affairs at Rosatom somehow does not particularly favor large-scale contracts. Accumulated problems are growing behind the ostentatious prosperity in the industry. But this is a topic for another conversation.

In the atomic project, the Germans are assigned the role of a follower, but this, apparently, was originally agreed. Germany gives money to a neighbor and solves its problems with his hands. Major problems: to compensate for the retiring nuclear power plants over the past two decades, they have increased their coal-fired generation capacity. Gas power plants have also been built and are being built, but in some way not all is well with blue fuel. And the smoking pipes got everyone. In 2022, the total capacity of coal-fired power plants in Germany will be reduced by 25%.

Nuclear power plants and accompanying electric gas stations will greatly change the economy of relations between Russia and the European Union. Not immediately, but rather quickly. And not in the best way for us.

After some time – in the future several years – Russian hydrocarbons will become unclaimed in Europe. And all over the world too. The Chinese also intend to switch to a “peaceful atom”. On December 20, 2021, the first power unit of the Shidao Bay-1 NPP was put into trial operation in China and connected to the power grid. There are new generation IV small reactors HTR-PM. A large series of stations across the country are already planned. Relatively speaking, each regional center has its own nuclear power plant!

On November 15 last year, the second nuclear combined heat and power plant from the Qinshan nuclear power plant was put into operation in the Celestial Empire. In the near future, all cities in the country will be heated with nuclear fuel. The Chinese borrowed the idea from the USSR, the first and only Bilibino nuclear power plant in the country (commissioned in 1974) is still in operation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rest of the projects were closed, the Gorkovskaya AST, which was more than 90% ready and certified by the IAEA, was destroyed when he was the governor of the region. Boris Nemtsov

China does not need oil and gas, Europe does not need it either, the United States has enough of its own hydrocarbons, and there are also Arabs. Here is the sad outcome of Putinomics. At the same time, apart from the extractive industries, everything else in the Russian Federation has been destroyed, to the end, to the ground. So that nothing will be revived inadvertently. Machine tools in ferrous metal, scientists are retired, vocational schools should be closed, technical specialties in universities should not be taught. Deindustrialization, or 100% sabotage.

Russia has several years. While money from oil and gas will still come to our country. It is necessary to properly dispose of them, plus return everything that was previously withdrawn from the Russian Federation. And this is tens of trillions of dollars! And direct these finances to build a new economy. It’s real, we’ll handle it. True, first you have to solve another problem, with the steering wheel. But we can master it too.

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