Oct 1, 2021
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Now it’s forever: The vaccine will inject everyone and every year

The decision was made, the cordon sanitaire was set up. America’s most influential newspaper, The Washington Post, has been delighted: the United States will not allow anyone vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to enter. Under no guise. This is cleverly filed: the States declare that they “open the door” to all vaccinated, but only with vaccines approved for use in the United States. Russians and citizens of all countries that have certified Sputnik (and, apparently, Chinese vaccines) will not be allowed into the “sparkling city on the hill”. This is an act of the Cold War – America is fencing off as best it can.

Just Maria and a “green passport”

A Russian citizen named Maria M. lives mostly in Berlin. She was vaccinated, however, in Moscow with the Russian Sputnik vaccine. As expected, twice. Since Russian vaccines are not recognized in the European Union, and more and more restrictions are provided for the unvaccinated every day, Maria decided to “inject” again. “Pfizer”. The doctor at the clinic where she turned, advised against getting vaccinated: the Russian was vaccinated recently, the antibody titer is optimal, how two different vaccines are combined in one organism, no one really knows and the German doctor does not want to take responsibility.

In Germany, there is a protocol for each action, there is no protocol for you and your “Sputnik”, so I will say this: I see for the first time that someone measures antibodies after vaccination, but you have so many of them that you do not need to be vaccinated at all yet, you are super protected …

– this is how Maria retells the conversation with the doctor on her page on the social network. The interesting part, however, begins further:

“I won’t get a green passport,” Maria begins to persuade. you have already been vaccinated. “” Which pharmacy? “-” Some pharmacy. “” But Sputnik is not recognized in Europe, it’s illegal. ” where it will be done illegally (and this is not in our clinic) “.

Of course, the good doctor was right – Maria found a pharmacy, in which they put the necessary mark in her “green passport”: “Yes, with Sputnik, yes, we think that this is so right.”

Maria promises to tell the address of the pharmacy in the “PM” to anyone who wishes – that’s why we won’t disclose her full name – why should we violate the laws of sovereign Germany? We are much more interested in something else: the story of Mary is completely typical.

Western countries are persistently tightening their political regime on their territories. Vaccination is mandatory both de jure and de facto. Without a “vaccine passport” you can neither pass nor drive in Germany, France, Holland, Croatia – practically everywhere. In parallel with tightening the screws, resistance is growing both in relation to its own citizens and visitors. And at the level “If it is impossible, but it is very necessary, then a little it is possible”, and at the level “We will bypass the stupid rules with the help of good people” (as in the case of Russian Maria). And at the level of very serious protests.

For a whole week, footage of the brutal dispersal of protesters against anti-antiquity measures and compulsory vaccination in distant Australia by the equestrian police flashed on the World Wide Web. While the cavalrymen there were chasing those demanding the observance of their civil and human rights along neatly trimmed lawns, in France and Italy they calculated how many medical workers who did not want to inject the vaccine would have to be fired – and the bill went into thousands.

American tragedy

The situation is similar in the United States – there, according to the largest news agencies, they are preparing for a catastrophic shortage of workers in hospitals – for the same reason. Nurses and doctors, as well as “paramedics” in ambulances, do not make mandatory vaccinations in droves.

And they are not alone. In mid-September, United States President Joe Biden made a very harsh statement: according to him, at least 80 million Americans who have the opportunity to receive the vaccine refuse it.

Biden used the power of the president to make vaccinations mandatory for employees of all companies with anything to do with the federal government. The same thing happens at the state level.

In addition to quiet resistance, Biden’s actions sparked protest – loud and illegal. The forgotten BLM movement in New York (that is, in the largest metropolitan area of ​​the United States) threatened with massive protests and outright pogroms, because the rights of black Americans are violated by vaccine restrictions.

For a change, there is not a word of lie in BLM’s claims: Blacks have the highest percentage of unvaccinated and unwilling to vaccinate, making it increasingly difficult for them to find or keep a job. Including the police, hospitals, schools, construction, restaurants, transport – everywhere.

The Democratic Party, which came to power “on the shoulders” of the crowds under the slogan “Black lives matter,” is now not going to listen to their demands. And he is going to promote Pfizer and Moderna vaccines with all his might. Up to 100% repeated vaccination by them of all citizens and all visitors. Overcoming any social protests.

Nothing personal, just business

Repeated vaccination is the whole point. At the end of September, Pfizer issued an optimistic statement that the pandemic will end in 2023. Under one important condition: if vaccination with its product becomes annual.

The corporation’s reasons are so simple and clear that it’s not even funny – one can only be amazed at the impudence: in 2021, according to official forecasts, the corporation’s revenue will grow – compared to 2020 – by almost 2 times, to 72-75 billion US dollars.

The net profit of the manufacturer of the most hyped American vaccine in the 2nd quarter of 21st year increased by 59%, quarterly revenue soared by 92% – and this is by no means final data, the growth of income continues and will continue.

All this is happening despite the fact that mortality rates from coronavirus in the United States are still the worst in the world: in September 2021 – according to official data – more than 6 people per 1 million inhabitants. And although new cases of the disease – in the most paradoxical way – are more in those developed countries, where most of all are vaccinated with the American vaccine. This indicator is extremely high, for example, in Israel, and after all there the third wave began in the summer – vaccinations! “In four days, 22 patients have died, vaccinated with one or two doses,” stated the Telegram channel “Duty in Israel” on September 28. Despite this, it is believed that the vaccine is the only effective means of fighting the epidemic. Authorization is pending to vaccinate children from 5 years of age in Israel.

All this despite the published reports of the side effects of the vaccine. In mid-August, a total of 571,830 cases of vaccine side effects were reported in America. Deaths 12 791, life-threatening conditions – 13 140, disabilities – 16 044, cases of anaphylactic shock – 5282, Bell’s palsy – 4461, myocardial infarction – 5590, severe forms of allergic reactions – 24 305 (data are cited from the publication in the journal “Expert” ).

It is easy to see that the number of side effects has almost equaled the number of deaths in America from the coronavirus itself. It is also easy to see that the campaign for compulsory vaccination and restriction of civil rights will not stop, no matter how many “side effects” are revealed and no matter how doctors shout that the vaccinated are getting worse and worse. The campaign will gain momentum. Because a vaccine is very good business. And because the restriction of freedom is a very important part of modern Western politics, both foreign and domestic.

Watch out, doors… open?

In such conditions, it is clear that entry into the United States is allowed only to those who are vaccinated, and not just like that, but completely and within the last six months, and not with anything, but only with a vaccine permitted in the United States. How else, if mortality rates during the “fourth wave” do not decrease, and their own citizens can be persuaded to “prick and forget” only by terrible pressure, almost at gunpoint in the hands of a federal employee?

In addition, this move is a kind of advertisement for the American vaccine, a step towards its distribution to those countries that have unwisely decided to be friends with Russia. This step is quite pragmatic and effective, if you look at how many people vaccinated with Sputnik, for various reasons, need to travel to the United States from Latin America. From Argentina and Brazil, for example. Again, nothing personal, just business.

Another thing is that the new “open door” program fits perfectly not only into the epidemiological situation, but also into the atmosphere of Russophobia. Simply fear of Russia and the Russians. The Russians intervene – then you can substitute any process in the politics and economy of the West, and it is easy to find the relevant statements of officials and articles in the press. The Russians are so scary that if you try to use your smartphone to access any site in the “.ru” zone, while on the territory of any official institution in the United States, you will not be able to do so. This is how all American providers work – this is the rule. Why? Because Russian hackers are extraordinarily dangerous to American democracy.

This in itself would be ridiculous, but it is part of a very consistent and very cowardly policy of combating “Russian influence”, which forces the West to fence itself off, cut off any contacts with Russia, and do its best to protect its population from “Russian propaganda”.

There are many examples, the latter arrived in time from Germany: there YouTube blocked the German accounts of Russia Today – by the way, the TV company, which was in the top ten in popularity in Germany. Google Corp. did exactly the same as a year ago with Constantinople in the Russian segment of YouTube, and cared just as little about the observance of German laws, as well as Russians – this company only cares about American laws. The explanations are lingering, but it seems that the main version will be precisely covid restrictions, the importance of which the Germans may doubt if they listen enough to these Russians.

So what?

The coronavirus epidemic is needed insofar as it is beneficial to transnational corporations (not only pharmaceuticals) and the governments of the largest Western countries. It is needed to restrict the rights of citizens of these countries, as well as in order to limit Russia’s influence on what is happening in these countries. Covid turned out to be a very convenient material for creating the Iron Curtain, and the curtain is needed the further, the more, because, in the words of Emperor Alexander III, “they are afraid of our enormity.”

For some Russians, this means that no matter how hard you strive to abide by other people’s rules, it will become more and more difficult to travel to the West and deal with the West with each passing day. They are fenced off from us, explaining that we are terribly dangerous and pose a threat. Russian propaganda is terrible, hackers are simply deadly effective, Novichok is murderous, and now the vaccine is of the wrong system.

All this is very offensive for well-meaning people who, in their well-fed and calm years, managed to get used to vacationing in Spain and visiting sights in France, spending vacation pay in Bavarian pubs and on tickets to the Vienna Opera. All this will have to weaned: the new Cold War will last longer than the epidemic.

Andrey Perla


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