Oct 20, 2021
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Novak: the situation on the gas market in Europe will not improve in the near future

It is not worth waiting for the right balance of supply and demand on the European gas market in the near future. This statement was made by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the politician, the emerging situation is of concern. At the same time, he noted that much will depend on Europe’s demand for gas and the passage of the autumn-winter period.

Putin added that Russia is not interested in an increase in prices for blue fuel, as this could have negative consequences both for the country and for Gazprom.

“We are not in an airless space, and what is happening in the global energy market, in one way or another, affects us,” the head of state said.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev said that the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 would fill the gap in the international energy market. The gas pipeline is already ready for launch. At the moment, Russia is awaiting a final decision from the FRG.

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