Jun 9, 2022
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Nothing to cool off: Zelensky throws lonely women “on the front”

In the photo: military exercises for the civilian population in Kyiv.

In the photo: military exercises for the civilian population in Kyiv. (Photo: AP/TASS)

Ukrainian legislators never cease to amaze with their truly “cannibalistic” legislative fantasies. Recently, people’s deputies were ready to allow officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to kill without trial or investigation the wronged subordinates. Now they are discussing the possibility of mobilizing teenagers and single women without children.

On the new draft law received by the Verkhovna Rada, in which the lower threshold of military age is proposed to be reduced by two years – from 18 to 16 years, said a former Ukrainian parliamentarian Ilya Kiva.

“The Verkhovna Rada … is ready to consider a bill that will make it possible to draft children of sixteen years old into the army! Ukrainians! You understand that Zelensky not only sentenced you adults to death, he also wants to take your children away, ”wrote the ex-people’s deputy on the Telegram channel. Noting that “square” “finally turned into Nazi Germany in 1945.”

In support of his words, he posted a screenshot of the document in the messenger, where it is about amending the law on conscription into the army of Ukraine. These changes concern the reduction of the draft age to 16 years, and also include the mandatory service for women who do not have children.

It is difficult to say how plausible the information is. Kiva is a very ambiguous person.

However, let us recall: on February 24, a martial law regime was introduced in Ukraine. And a general mobilization was announced with a ban on traveling abroad for men from 19 to 60 years old. Many, however, were able to overcome the cordons for a bribe and moved to where the hand of the “native” military commissar could not reach.

That is, Zelensky’s plans to put a million Ukrainians under arms are crumbling before our eyes. Plus, the losses of a catastrophic scale that the armed formations of Ukraine incur in battles with the Russian army – Kyiv does not want to recognize them at all.

And the comparison with Nazi Germany is not at all accidental. The resemblance is the most direct.

At the end of the war, as you know, by personal order Hitler about total mobilization in the country, the formation of militia detachments of the Third Reich began – the so-called. Volkssturm. Its leader was the Fuhrer’s personal secretary, the Reich Minister for the NSDAP. Martin Bormann.

The entire male population aged 16 to 60 immediately fell under mobilization. In February 1945, women from 18 to 60 began to be called up. And in recent months – even seventy-year-olds and children of 12, 13, 14 years old from Jungvolk (a division of the Hitler Youth),

In fact, about 700 battalions with a total strength of 1.5 million people were created. But the Volkssturm failed to turn the tide of battles and save Nazi Germany from capitulation.

As for the military service of the weaker sex, at the end of last year, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine issued an order with a list of professions whose representatives were to be registered for military service by the end of 2022. It was about hundreds of thousands of women, including pregnant women and with small children. True, later – at the behest of popular indignation – this list was somewhat reduced and they promised not to take Ukrainian women into the army without their consent.

Now, apparently, if the new initiative passes, no one will ask for consent. Although some ladies (this must also be admitted) go to war all the same of their own free will.

Head of the DNR Denis Pushilin previously reported that among the militants who surrendered from Azovstal (about two and a half thousand people) there were 78 women.

Voenkor VGTRK Alexander Sladkov in his Telegram channel “Thoughts about War” he even asked himself the question, “who are these ladies who surrender”?

And he suggested:

“It is unlikely that the field wives, those would have been taken out with civilians long ago. Snipers? Yes, there are not so many of them at the front. Most likely, nurses serving in combat and financial units, forced to follow their headquarters from position to position, and then captured.

Comment on the legislative initiatives of Ukrainian parliamentarians “SP” asked head of the News Front news agency, political scientist Konstantin Knyrik:

– I would not call it a “tracing paper” of what happened in 1945 in Nazi Germany. Here history is more Ukrainian. They are trying to create a picture of a certain nationality in terms of participation in this battle. Actually, they have been doing this for a long time, including with the help of the Western press. It doesn’t turn out very well.

If you remember, before the start of a special military operation, grandmothers with sniper rifles were shown there, who learned to shoot. Now they just want to involve the youth in this process as much as possible.

Moreover, as I can judge from the expert Ukrainian community, they will ideologically explain all this by the fact that there is a fairly large percentage of – as it were – “volunteers” of this age. And in order for them to have the opportunity to legally be military personnel, they make these changes to the legislation … etc.

But there is also the second side of the issue – to really bury the three waves of mobilization.

SP: Explain.

– They, in fact, have already ruined three waves of mobilization over the entire period, and they are sorely lacking “cannon fodder.”

If we take into account that in the idea of ​​this process of Western curators, the victory of Ukraine is, in principle, impossible, then for them the victory will be, firstly, the maximum destruction of cities. Secondly, the maximum involvement and destruction of people in order to embitter their relatives at those who, from their imagination, killed their children.

If you pay attention to the tactics of urban battles that the Ukrainian army has chosen under the leadership of Western curators, then it is, first of all, aimed at ensuring that the maximum number of mobilized soldiers who can’t do anything, due to the lack of combat experience, die on the front line.

All these imitation, provocative attempts at counterattacks that are being carried out there – it is imperative to create a picture of a counteroffensive. Here “comrades” ran from Nikolaev in the direction of Kherson. 68 people died. Then they record a video and tell how they got into this mess. As the command prudently disappeared, as was the support of heavy artillery … etc.

That is, the goals of the Ukrainian authorities, the Ukrainian command are to kill the maximum number of people in order to involve relatives in a negative attitude towards Russia as a whole. So that in those historical territories that will be returned to Russia, the population should be as embittered as possible.

What can make a mother angry? The death of a child who went to the front, for example, and died. And why he died – he does not know how to hold a machine gun, a crossbow, or really in battle – who knows. Most likely the first. Therefore, the weekly training of the mobilized, from the point of view of military science, is ridiculous.

“SP”: – Zelensky, as the supreme commander in chief, does not understand that he is leading the country to collapse?

– Let’s not exaggerate the degree of independence and the scale of Mr. Zelensky’s personality. He makes absolutely no decisions, and does not influence any decisions. This is a man who, from his first visit to the front line in the war zone in the Donbass, has not yet figured out whether he is a sucker or not. Here, unfortunately, he is within the framework of this story.

I do not think that Zelensky has any functions of the supreme commander in the classical sense of this process. He simply plays his role, performs the function of a broadcasting head. With all this, he has some absolutely obvious psychological and mental problems, which are already being paid attention in the international arena.

Maybe this is due to addictions, which are talked about a lot, including by Ukrainian politicians – we cannot confirm one hundred percent. And in general, there is nothing good in the process, when all the battles and discussions of two candidates for the role of the President of Ukraine are built on the topic of tests – which of them is an alcoholic and which is a drug addict

Nothing good, by definition, could come of it. This is a strange level of political culture when candidates are measured not by programs, but by analyzes.

“SP”: – But he must understand that he still has to answer …

I don’t think he understands it. I think that he received a fairly large number of guarantees of his personal security.

Plus, the possible punishment of being prosecuted for war crimes is less intimidating than the possibility of getting shot in the head and becoming a dead hero. Because there is such a possibility, taking into account who guards it – in fact, these are people who do not perform security functions, but control functions.

At any moment, Zelensky can end badly. He just doesn’t have any options. Even if he understands something, a prospective fear, it is much less than situational – here, at this moment.

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