Nov 21, 2021
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“Not the first freshness”: fans discussed the video of Joseph Prigogine, in which Valeria spreads her legs wide

53-year-old singer Valeria is still in her juice and does not hesitate to take part in provocative photo shoots. It is worth agreeing that the artist managed to maintain a beautiful figure, in which yoga classes help her.

Not so long ago, the singer took part in a bold shooting, where she posed in over-the-knee boots and a white bodysuit. Many fans found the image of Valeria literally alien, well, very frank for her age. Probably, the last photo session still excites the imagination of the faithful singer – Joseph Prigogine.

He keeps on sharing footage of the sexy wife on his blog every now and then. And the other day I posted a short video, they say, here, look how it was! In the video, the artist takes seductive poses in front of the lens. Not all subscribers appreciated the efforts of “Baba Lera”.

“The old woman went to the door!”, “Oh, how she got hot!”, “Soon she will follow in the footsteps of Madonna,” “Found something to show, how not the first freshness of the wife spreads her legs,” reacted in the network.

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