Oct 6, 2021
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Not just a movie. The earth is over – the battle for the birthright is in space

The flight into orbit of the film crew of actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko is another important test of patriotism for the intelligentsia and elites. It is immediately clear who feels bad from the Russian victories, and who would like them not to be.

The biblical story of Esau, who was so hungry that he gave the birthright for a lentil stew, becomes more and more relevant every day. The Russians are required to give the birthright for the stew every day. This demand comes from the people who most often talk about “human dignity” – from those who can now finally be called aloud foreign agents, although they call themselves intellectuals, democrats and even “liberators.” Every time Russia does something that one can and should be proud of, these people raise a howl: “It would be better if the stew is thicker!”

When the Russian victory is across the soul

The last important reason for the demand to immediately, right now, give up the birthright – the space film project “Challenge”. Flight to the International Space Station of the actress Julia Peresild caused the “liberators” to simply have a furious outburst of hatred. And a flurry of publicistic statements, which boil down to one thing: until social problems are resolved, there is no need to fly into space; as long as poverty persists, nothing can be done that Russia can be proud of.

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Here, for example, is the famous Russophobe patented by Constantinople Viktor Shenderovich reports that Russia’s space victories are a drug that the state injects the people so that the people do not wake up. Directly with these words he writes:

… We cannot do without drugs. So after all, you can come to your senses, it is not even an hour! Start to focus on sharpness, consider price tags, compare incomes … There is already the population, such a bastard, they vote for the communists, they sharpen the sickle against the hammer … We need victories, urgently need new victories, intravenously! .. And again we are the first – in the competition, where for no one was going to run away with us, because it is expensive and stupid … And again the Ostankino syringe sticks out in the people’s weary vein: victory!

The Russian victory for Shenderovich is across the soul, this is understandable, but there is a characteristic line of thought common to all foreign agents: they pretend to be worried about poor people. They lie that spending a lot of state money on the Olympics, on the return of Crimea is not justified, since the same money could have been spent … Here they usually remember what percentage of households in Russia still have “amenities in the yard” and how many elderly people are below the poverty line. Photos of broken roads somewhere in the outback are also very good.

“Camera, motor, let’s go!” Cinema experiment of cosmic scale /

All this is said about the country and the people who sent them into space Gagarin… 16 years after the start of the war, in which he lost more than 20 million lives, in which almost all the cities to the west of Moscow were destroyed. About the people who had something to overcome and for the sake of which to work besides outer space. Why did we need this space all this time?

Then, that the birthright is more expensive than the most delicious stew. Then, that a person is one who looks at the stars, one who strives upward. Then, that Russia will be able to cope with poverty only if it is the first power on the planet. And if it does not, then everything will perish, and no satiety will save.

Films are filmed not only with us

Those of the liberals who are smarter notice that Project Challenge, a film in orbit, is a very expensive undertaking. And they point out: investing money in space, perhaps, is necessary, but in this case they are invested in an ambitious project that has nothing to do with science.

At first glance, it is more difficult to object to this. But only at first glance. The same people who admire the activity are talking about the waste of space programs. Ilona Mask, calling him an “innovator” and visionary. They admire, in particular, how Musk launched a red car into space with an empty spacesuit. That is, he made an advertising campaign in its purest form: useless, meaningless, justified only by the fact that “firstly, it is beautiful,” and secondly, by the fact that no one had really done this before.

That is, justified by the birthright. With pride. By the simple understanding “we are the first”. You can have a mask, he’s an American. It turns out that Russians cannot. Why? Because the very fact of competition with the Americans is terrifying for foreign agents.

This is not their own problem. This is an attempt to prevent Russia from beating the United States in a competition that has never stopped. And which is experienced overseas much sharper than ours. And the experience is like this: what are we going to do if the Russians are in the lead again?

And now Apple TV is broadcasting the second season of the series “For All Humanity.” The Americans filmed a social fiction about how they would live if the Russians were the first to land on the moon. About how bad it would be for them. What a terrible tragedy it would be. And how they, having gathered, would overcome the lag and fly into space anyway and would find a place for their own victories. American propaganda understands that it is fighting Russia, and understands that in order to win this struggle, you need to be ahead of something.

Space here is the battlefield, perhaps one of the most important. But, of course, not the only one. The battlefield in Syria is real, there is a confrontation with weapons in hand. The battlefield is medicine. Hence the controversy about who created the coronavirus vaccine faster and better and in how many countries it received recognition. And on every battlefield, the enemy is helped from within Russia by the “fifth column”, raising the same slogan on the flag: “We offer to surrender.” Put allies at the mercy of the Islamists. Stop producing your own medicines. Stop flying into space. Not giving up is too expensive, and we are poor, where to argue with the rich. We should have a better meal.

So what?

That’s what, brothers, you shouldn’t deceive yourself. These wonderful people who reward each other for their “self-esteem” do not care how many poor people are in Russia. They do not care how the economy, healthcare and culture will develop in Russia. And they don’t care about freedom either. They have a job to be paid for, they have a goal to strive for. This goal, in the words of the classic, is as simple as a hum: to steal the birthright from the Russians and the Russian State.

Betrayal is a very simple thing. It is always implicated in the desire to eat deliciously and at the same time to shake off the terrible huge responsibility called “primogeniture”.

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