Jun 24, 2021
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"Not he, but does not change the essence": Russians put the ex-president of Estonia in place with one picture

Runet users ridiculed the proposal of former Estonian President Toomas Henrik Ilves not to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the EU summit. He told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that “Russians are ignorant.”

The Voice of Mordor Telegram channel responded to the words of Toomas Henrik Ilves. He published a photo of a man who looks suspiciously like the former president of Estonia in a somewhat unusual form. He is more like a non-standard person.

Users of the channel actively commented on the post, mainly noting Ilves’ tough policy towards Russia during his presidency. One of the commentators noted that in fact the photo depicts not the former president of Estonia at all, but another person. In other matters, according to the commentator, this “does not change the essence.”

Note that Toomas Henrik Ilves, during his tenure as President of Estonia, was distinguished by his craving for wearing colorful butterflies instead of a tie. Ilves explained this habit by imitating his father.

Toomas Henrik Ilves was President of Estonia from 2006 to 2016. Ilves was also the country’s foreign minister.

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