Oct 14, 2020
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Norwegian Foreign Ministry notifies the Russian Embassy of charges of cyberattack

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry notified the Russian Embassy about the establishment of the Russian Federation's guilt in the cyber attack on the Norwegian parliament in August this year, TASS reports.

As Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Sereide said, Norway wants "good and pragmatic relations with Russia," but cannot but react to the cyberattack on parliament.

Russia, in turn, considers the accusations by the Norwegian authorities to be a provocation. As noted in the Russian Embassy, ​​such statements are detrimental to relations between the two countries.

The diplomatic mission also noted that in May 2020, a note was sent to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry outlining the procedure for action in case of computer incidents, but there was no reaction from the official Oslo.

Note that according to Norway, in August of this year, unknown hackers attacked the parliament, as a result of which they gained access to the e-mail of some deputies and employees.

Recall that in August the Norwegian Foreign Ministry decided to expel a Russian diplomat from the country because of suspicions of espionage. It was reported that a citizen of the Russian Federation worked in the trade department of the embassy and performed actions "incompatible with diplomatic status".

Russia responded by expelling the Norwegian ambassador. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the destructive line pursued by the Norwegian authorities negatively affects the atmosphere of bilateral relations, and responsibility for the consequences of such a policy lies entirely with Oslo.

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