Oct 8, 2021
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Norwegian fishermen complained about the military exercises of the Russian Navy: "I have to quit fishing"

In Norway, fishermen complained to the country’s Foreign Ministry about the frequent military exercises of the Russian Navy.

Norwegian fishermen are increasingly forced to stop fishing in the Norwegian and Barents Seas due to Russian military exercises.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry claims that Russia’s military activity has returned to the days of the Cold War. “Exercises take up a large area, and notifications often come in very tight deadlines, so you have to quit fishing and go to another place,” said the fishermen’s union.

The Russian embassy replied that “the closure of sea areas for ships flying different flags during the exercises is a widespread international practice”, which Norway, as a NATO country, also resorts to. The embassy stressed that contacts between the defense departments of the two countries were interrupted at the initiative of Oslo.

According to Inosmi, the Norwegian edition of the NRK does not mention that Norway, together with NATO, has also stepped up exercises in these seas.

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