Sep 4, 2022
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Nord Stream is completely stopped for an indefinite period

Gazprom announced a complete shutdown of Nord Stream due to equipment failure. The company said it discovered problems with its latest turbine during maintenance work due to be completed on September 3rd. Now the gas pipeline to Europe has been stopped for an indefinite period.

Gazprom announced a complete shutdown of Nord Stream for an “indefinite period” due to the failure of its last turbine. The message of the company was published in the Telegram channel of the gas monopoly. It clarifies that the company received a warning from Rostekhnadzor that the detected damage “does not allow for safe trouble-free operation of the gas turbine engine.”

The company explained that it identified “gross violations” during maintenance work, which was supposed to be completed on September 3. Problems arose in the operation of the Trent 60 gas compressor unit at the Portovaya compressor station, in particular, specialists noticed an oil leak. The inspection was carried out with the participation of representatives of the equipment manufacturer, Siemens.

Gazprom emphasized that it had already encountered the same problems when working with other Siemens aggregators, which were overhauled in Canada by the manufacturer and are now in a state of forced downtime.

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