Sep 10, 2021
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"Nord Stream – 2" threatened with punishment: the German regulator issued a statement

Nord Stream 2 AG will be punished at the start of deliveries via Nord Stream 2 without a certificate, said the German regulator BNA. “The Federal Network Agency can punish for this administrative offense,” the department noted.

Germany has threatened with punishment if the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is launched before the operator company Nord Stream 2 AG receives an independent operator certificate. The Federal Network Agency (BNA) issued a warning.

It is reported that Nord Stream 2 AG wants to obtain the status of an independent pipeline operator in order to meet the requirements of the EU’s third energy package. The document requires the separation of companies involved in the extraction and transportation of blue fuel.

If the separation requirements are not met at the time of commissioning, the Federal Grid Agency may punish for this administrative offense,

– quoted by RIA Novosti press service BNA.

It is noted that right now the German regulator is considering Nord Stream 2 AG’s application for certification of the company as an independent gas pipeline operator. BNA could not answer the question of how long this procedure will take.

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