May 3, 2022
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Nord Stream 2: Germany is sad and afraid of winter

Nord Stream 2: Germany is sad and afraid of winter

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The special operation in Ukraine will undoubtedly split the global world into several socio-economic and political clusters isolated from each other. And for the formation of new clusters there is now a struggle between Russia and the collective West. America has been and remains the leader of the collective West. But the geopolitical soil of the world gendarme is creeping out from under his feet. And he is making titanic attempts to “screw” the last platform – Europe. Russia is trying to do the same. And she has a reason for this. Primarily oil and gas. In order to disrupt the creation of a single Eurasian cluster from Lisbon to Vladivostok, where Russia will play, if not dominant, but one of the first roles, a conflict zone was created – Ukraine. The longer it blazes, the later the creation of a single Eurasian cluster will be postponed.

And all these endless sanctions, stopping Nord Stream 2, pumping up Ukraine with weapons are just tools for the fight for old Europe, which has become a bargaining chip in the big game.

Europe itself is no longer sovereign. And she’s not playing this game. They play it. And since the players are still humanists (Ukraine has shown this more than clearly), then in this “play to take off” they can bring the old woman to hunger, cold, economic collapse, demographic absorption by waves of migrants and other terrible things. They can even be erased from the face of the Earth – like an eraser. There is such experience.

Big gas war unleashed against the old woman sleeping Joe Biden is a prime example of this. It was on his orders that the main economic pillar of the European Union, Germany, once again shot itself in the foot.

Passions, as expected, boiled over because of the notorious Nord Stream 2. Germany is the main consumer of Russian gas in Europe. It consumes more than half of our “blue fuel”. In 2021, Germany received 90 billion cubic meters of gas from us. In total, the capacity of German gas pipelines (excluding transit supplies through Ukraine, Belarus and the Netherlands) is 168 billion cubic meters per year.

But consuming gas and distributing it are not the same thing. The distribution of blue fuel dramatically raises the status of the country. Everyone else will look up at you and bow when they meet. You will be the leader of this European pack. And Germany has all the necessary storage capacities for such a status.

The country has two large gas hubs (gas distribution centers). It would seem that everything is ready for the jump of the “German tiger”. It wasn’t there. There was a lion on the tiger. And he had other plans for this international zoo.

A sharp change in the “gas status” of Germany automatically meant its rapprochement with Russia. And this is a nightmare of the West in general and America in particular. In fact, it was precisely because of the Europeans’ pathological fear of the specter of a potential union between Russia and Germany that two devastating world wars were provoked.

With every attempt to reinforce the Germans, the West instantly puts another handcuffs on the hands of the Huns. Such is sado-maso. But the situation is framed in such a way that the German elite itself makes decisions that push it towards an economic collapse. It is necessary to follow the rules of the game – otherwise the Germans will completely lose face. And this is fraught with social upheavals, the revival of Nazism and other terrible things. Before that, maybe it will come. But for now, the States have decided to confine themselves to Ukraine.

At first, the Germans seemed to voluntarily abandon Nord Stream 2, which they were waiting for like manna from heaven. It’s the same as if the newlywed on the day before the wedding refused the hand and heart of her lover. It was unpleasant. But we survived. Moreover, the horse jump in gas prices compensated for all the costs of building the stream.

Immediately after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Germany woke up from a lethargic sleep and froze the certification of the Russian gas pipeline for the second time. Directly a session of masochism from German porn (such films were popular in the early 90s, immediately after the fall of the iron curtain). A phrase from them – “Das ist fantastic!” I walked around Russia for a long time. And here you could say – “Das ist idiot!”

Now it seems like the pipeline will have to re-pass the safety assessment. The previous positive assessment of the Ministry of Economy of Germany, carried out in October 2021 by the government Merkelon the day the special operation began, was withdrawn by decision of the chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“This is a purely technical moment, but it is a necessary step,” Olaf said, covering up a purely political gesture with a “technical moment” fig leaf. Without this certification, Nord Stream 2 cannot be launched.”

“The geopolitical situation, as well as the situation on the gas market in recent months, has forced us to reassess,” the German economy minister clumsily chimed in. Robert Habekslightly lifting Olaf’s fig head.

Little of. On April 26, a meeting of NATO defense ministers took place in Ramshain. Toastmaster at this banquet the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin. Here the Yankees exemplarily bent the Germans once again. As a result of the “beer banquet”, Germany “purely independently” decided to transfer 50 anti-aircraft self-propelled guns “Gepard” to Ukraine.

But this was not enough for the BDSM operators. Berlin was forced to compensate for the shortage of weapons to those European countries that would send Soviet-style military equipment to Ukraine from their fleet. First of all – hated Poland.

Although earlier the German chancellor to the last dodged the whip. From the beginning of the Russian special operation, Scholz emphasized that Germany would not take part in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. And will not supply weapons to anyone. But in Rammstein, Olaf was told on the fingers who was the boss in the German house.

To complete the public shame on Germany, the eternal hyena of Europe, Poland, “raised” its voice. Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki in his interview to the German newspaper Bild (in which a special cynicism is visible) he called the change in Berlin’s position on the issue of the gas pipeline “belated”.

As if someone asked him … But when the king of the jungle weakens, the flea-bearing marsh jackal can become insolent. These are the laws of the international zoo.

The first dissatisfied Pole was immediately joined by the second. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Shimon Shinkovskyapplauding the decision of the German government to supply Ukraine with anti-aircraft installations, called it “insufficient”. To which the evil journalistic tongues in Germany noticed that the Germans also “did not defeat Warsaw enough during the famous Polish uprising of 1944” (then the German artillery left no stone unturned from the capital of Poland).

Be that as it may, the situation is evolving. The question of what and how the Germans would heat their homes hung menacingly in the air. Offers are raining down on them from all sides. And one is worse than the other. The Americans offer exorbitant prices (compared to the blue fuel from Russia) of their liquefied natural gas (LNG). German analysts will quip that this gas will “liquidate the smiles and pockets of the German burghers.” Yes, and there are no terminals for the acceptance of LNG in Germany. And to build them is a real ruin.

Macron offered the services of nuclear power plants. As the Germans themselves say, “a kind French atom for a German pocket will be more terrible than an atomic attack on Hiroshima.” And Macron himself was nicknamed “Hiroshimacron”.

The same Poland unobtrusively hints that it could “unfasten” some mythical surpluses of gas from its generosity to the “destroyer of Warsaw”. But she never had these surpluses. Yes, we need to save our economy. Besides, all Polish promises are not worth a rotten potato. German diplomats call them “pshik pshek”. So the fox promises not to climb into the chicken coop anymore.

To some extent, coal from the same Silesia can save the situation. But on it, too, the price is steadily creeping up. And there will not be enough European coal reserves for the still powerful German economy.

Germany at a crossroads. “Whoever chooses shame between war and disgrace will in the end teach both war and disgrace,” Churchill once said.

Germany fears its overlord. There is no talk of war with him. Therefore, for now, he chooses shame. But cold batteries can also be added to the load. And then the coming winter for Germany may become “hot” from the inevitable social upheavals.

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