Aug 22, 2022
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Nord Stream 2: German authorities will do without the opinion of ordinary people

Nord Stream 2: German authorities will do without the opinion of ordinary people

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

The Germans support the idea of ​​launching Nord Stream 2 and even offer to put this issue to a referendum.

Former Vice Speaker of the German Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki proposed to launch SP-2 immediately. The politician, representing the Free Democratic Party of Germany, believes that the Federal Minister of Economics should do everything so that the Germans have more energy.

“We must launch Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible to fill our gas storage facilities for the winter,” he said.

In his opinion, the gas coming from Russia does not get better or worse from what comes through this or that pipeline.

“Gas, [поступающий по] Nord Stream 2 is no more immoral than the one that comes through Nord Stream. It’s just a different pipe,” Kubicki concluded.

At the same time, he noted that Germany would firmly remain on the side of Ukraine, and Nord Stream 2 could be turned off after the UGS was filled.

“When the gas storages are full, we will be able to close Nord Stream 2 again, and when we become independent (from gas imported from the Russian Federation), we could stop other gas pipelines. But we are still dependent on Russian fuel,” he concluded.

According to the commentators of one of the German publications, Kubikki turned out to be “the only voice of reason in this irresponsibly ruled country”, he is “absolutely right and speaks from the bottom of his heart”, his party colleagues who contradict him will be held accountable if the Russian response to the sanctions “leads to economic and social damage” for Germany. The Germans are afraid of being left without gas, and one of the users suggested holding a referendum on SP-2.

German politicians and the country’s leadership have their own opinion on the Russian gas pipeline, and it is clearly at odds with the opinion of citizens. Head of the faction of the Free Democratic Party of Germany in the Bundestag Christian Duerr he assures that he assures that the faction does not support Kubicchi’s proposal. According to him, now there is an active discussion of measures to combat the energy crisis.

“As a faction of the FDP, we have made several proposals. The launch of Nord Stream 2 is not one of them,” he said, noting that the launch of the gas pipeline “would be a wrong signal in relation to European partners.”

The idea is also rejected in the Green faction. Co-Chairman of the German party “Soyuz-90” “green” Omid Nuripur believes that the launch of Nord Stream 2 would be pointless and would split the European Union. He also expressed his satisfaction that Kubicchi’s calls were “clearly and unequivocally” rejected within the ranks of the FDP.

The German government has once again stated that the idea of ​​launching the Russian gas pipeline is not being discussed. “We stopped the Nord Stream 2 certification process for well-known reasons. The resumption of the project is currently not being discussed,” said Deputy Spokesman for the German government Wolfgang Buechner.

Nord Stream 2 is supported by the Alternative for Germany and the Left Party, as well as a number of municipal politicians.

“Unfortunately for ordinary burghers, the issue of providing Germany with gas supplies, according to those in power, is too serious to allow ordinary people to take part in its decision,” believes German political scientist, Dr. Gregor Spitzen. “After all, ordinary people think too primitively and think only about the most basic things from Maslow’s pyramid of needs: cheap food, affordable utilities, a salary that is not only enough for the basics, and a peaceful sky above their heads.

Parliamentarians, on the other hand, have moved to a higher level of cultural development and think in much more lofty categories, believing that democratic solidarity and assistance to unfortunate Ukraine in repelling Russian aggression are worth suffering a little and not noticing either galloping inflation, or astronomical growth of tariffs, or cold weather in apartments (by the way, it’s much easier to do this if you live on a parliamentarian’s salary of €15,000-25,000). If ordinary people do not agree with this point of view, you need to try to convince them through competent propaganda in the media. If this does not work, there is always the option of labeling those who disagree as rebels, right-wing or left-wing extremists – enemies of the Constitution and democracy, subjecting them to public ostracism in the media, and if this does not work, then start the flywheel of political repression.

“SP”: – How critical is the energy, and most importantly, the social situation in Germany? Are social explosions possible?

“The problem is that Germany and German society have never encountered anything like this before. In recent years, only outcasts have taken to the streets with protests – anti-globalists and anti-vaxxers: these could really be passed off to society as “some kind of freaks” who are shaking the foundations of liberal democracy and social consensus. But if the demonstrations are attended by ordinary workers and employees who have lost their jobs and are freezing in their apartments due to the fact that the “green turn” and the pro-American policy of the current government have taken the country somewhere in the wrong direction, it will be possible to explain the popular riots with “pro-Russian narratives” The heating season in Germany is inexorably approaching, and everyone in Berlin is well aware that if a solution is not found before that time, social unrest in the country will become inevitable, but no one in the government wants to take responsibility and start calling a spade a spade. He doesn’t want to yet.According to my forecasts, the tone of politicians in the Bundestag should change by October.

“SP”: – The head of the Bundestag suggested turning on the SP-2, but at the same time added that it could be turned off when the storage facilities were full. What a strange offer. Why did he decide that Russia should play games on Germany’s side?

– As for the rather strange proposal of individual politicians to allow the launch of Nord Stream 2, fill gas storage facilities, and then turn it off again as part of anti-Russian sanctions, I don’t quite understand what audience it is intended for, this proposal sounds so idiotic . Why should Russia do this, giving a serious trump card in the negotiations? Perhaps, in the German parliament, Russian politicians and businessmen are considered idiots, on whom enlightened Europeans can impose, at their discretion, unequal agreements like “gold in exchange for glass beads.” However, the course of recent events has shown that this is far from being the case, and the Russians are ahead of the Europeans by at least 2-3 moves in their strategy.

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