Aug 31, 2021
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"None of your business": Litovkin urged "worried" Poland not to meddle in the affairs of Russia and Belarus

Military observer Viktor Litovkin called on Poland, “worried” because of the “military threat,” not to get involved in the affairs of Russia and Belarus: “It’s none of your business.”

So the expert commented on the message of the Polish publication Wirtualna Polska, which expressed concern about the transfer of Russian anti-aircraft missile units to Grodno, Belarus. The publication is afraid that Russia will deploy an airbase on the border with Poland, which will be a response to the actions of Warsaw, which willingly hosts the American military and their weapons.

Here you can answer briefly: it is not their business, what is happening with our ally Belarus. In addition, air defense systems are designed specifically for defense, not attack,

– Litovkin explained to the Narodnye Novosti portal.

He noted that the threat in this case is rather Poland itself, which has deployed elements of the American missile defense system. The fact is that American launchers are capable of launching not only anti-missiles, but also cruise missiles like the Tomahawk. And this is an attacking weapon.

The expert also explained the difference between Belarus and Poland. Minsk is an equal partner and ally of Russia, which independently makes decisions based on its own interests. Warsaw is in the status of a subordinate, vassal of the United States. And he will do what the overseas owner orders.

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