Jan 22, 2021
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No spies were found among United Russia

No spies found among United Russia

Photo: Press Service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation / TASS

Federal authorities have not confirmed the information about the second citizenship of the State Duma deputies. This was stated by the chairman of the lower house of parliament Viacheslav Volodin

“We studied all the names mentioned, sent inquiries to federal bodies – this was entrusted to the security committee. As of today, we do not have data from federal bodies that the deputies have a second citizenship, ”Volodin said.

In addition, as the head of the Security and Anti-Corruption Committee explained Vasily Piskarev, specialized departments – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs – also do not have information about the second citizenship of the deputies.

“Therefore, today we have no data that the State Duma deputies have a second citizenship,” he stressed.

On the same day, the Duma adopted in the first reading bills prohibiting state and municipal employees from having a second citizenship or a residence permit abroad. Last month, a law was passed, according to which the powers of a deputy or a senator may be terminated in the event of foreign citizenship being revealed or the senator fails to comply with the requirement for a period of residence in a subject of the Russian Federation.

The documents were submitted to parliament by the President in the development of the norms of the Constitution, in accordance with the amendments adopted last summer.

Recall that at the end of July last year, 14 deputies of the State Duma were suspected of having foreign citizenship, including Irina Rodnina, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexander Zhukov other. The State Duma’s Security and Anti-Corruption Committee sent a request to the CEC in order to verify the alleged dual citizenship or residence permit of the said deputies.

At the same time, as Volodin said at the time, if the information is not confirmed, the question will appear to those who disseminate false information. He recalled that in accordance with the adopted amendments to the Russian Constitution, such accusations are serious.

The reason for sending the request was the appeal of the deputy from the Communist Party Denis Parfenov, which called for checking MPs, senators and other officials for the presence of a foreign passport.

Hmm. Isn’t a single deputy with foreign citizenship identified? Are there really none?

– It turned out that the entire staff of the brothel is made up of virgins. Very unexpected, – ironically political scientist Andrey Milyuk

– This story with verification began six months ago, grew out of an accidental skirmish between deputies in the State Duma. Then the memory of the new amendments to the Constitution was still strong among the people, and this scandal is directly related to them – the ban on dual citizenship for deputies was enshrined in the main law of the country.

There were doubts that this rule, in principle, would be workable. In my commentary for SP I said that, most likely, the authorities will confine themselves to a demonstrative flogging of a couple of deputies. The reality turned out to be even ruthless.

By the time the audit was over, the amended topic had completely disappeared from the political agenda. More than six months before the elections to the State Duma, any populist steps during this time will be forgotten by the voters. This means that the need to punish the deputies has disappeared. Therefore, we see zero test results. By the way, initially the deputy Denis Parfyonov stated that 39 State Duma deputies have dual citizenship. Only 14 reached the check, according to the media. What is the matter, in the State Duma they were afraid that the rest might fail the test?

State Duma deputies now look more like officials than people’s choices. Very few people have contact with voters at the local level, and the issue of getting into parliament is decided primarily by political strategists through intra-party intrigues, “agreements” with competitors, and only lastly by votes of voters. The ban on dual citizenship is just one of the criteria for cutting off the unreliable, because the institution of reputation as such does not exist in Russian politics. And it is also a way of controlling the deputies by the authorities: if something happens, the test can be repeated, but with different results.

Let me remind you that the deputies refused to even consider the ban on owning real estate abroad – this is where the real problem is hidden.

There is a clear trend: public confidence in elections is constantly decreasing. Despite the joint efforts of the authorities and the opposition, the turnout is declining. Even the overwhelming minority of voters believes in protest voting. The people vote with their feet for the only honest candidate – “against all.” This is good news.

For qualitative changes to take place in the political life of the country, the illegitimacy of the elections must reach its bottom. It seems that this path for the opposition is much shorter than the notorious smart voting and mass appeal of observers.

– I think that a significant part of the deputies who were associated with big business have citizenship of other countries, – says Dmitry Galkin, political columnist for the 2000 newspaper – In the Russian context, this is often required for reasons of personal and business safety. In addition, the citizenship of Israel, the United States or the EU countries greatly simplifies movement around the world, which is important for those who are engaged in large foreign trade operations or work in the financial sector.

“SP”: – The United Russia deputies were increasingly suspected of dual citizenship. If it was about opposition deputies, would the results of the investigation be different? Or would corporate solidarity play?

– No, I think that the authorities are not at all interested in the fact that any State Duma deputies become aware of the existence of dual citizenship to the general public. Trust in the authorities is already at an extremely low level, so it makes no sense to further undermine it. In addition, the election of a person with dual citizenship testifies to the poor work of law enforcement agencies, which should have identified this violation during the election campaign. But most importantly, having dual citizenship is an effective means of ensuring the loyalty of a deputy, who in this case is simply afraid to clash with the authorities.

“SP”: – Well, it is clear with the president, ministers, security officials, but what is wrong with the presence of dual citizenship among the deputies? Why is this just now taken care of? In some countries, this does not bother at all …

– Many countries have nothing against multiple citizenship. But, as a rule, they recognize the citizenship of only those states with which they are bound by the relevant treaties. But a number of countries, such as the United States and Russia, although they allow to have citizenship of other states, do not officially recognize it and make sure that holders of other citizenship do not penetrate the authorities. True, in Russia, as far as one can understand, to put it mildly, this does not always work out.

“SP”: – On the same day, the Duma adopted in the first reading bills prohibiting state and municipal employees to have a second citizenship or a residence permit abroad. Earlier, she passed a law banning second citizenship for parliamentarians. How much will they actually work?

– These laws are adopted not to be observed, but to get an additional means of pressure on representatives of the regional elite. It is clear that numerous entrepreneurs sitting in the legislative assemblies of the regions will not refuse passports of other countries or residence permits in them, otherwise it will be difficult for them to visit their own real estate. But they will now be even more cautious in criticizing the authorities, both federal and local.

“SP”: – Is it possible “demonstrative executions” of something guilty in order to show – here, we are fighting?

– Of course, violators will be identified from time to time. But their identification will be associated with the need to discredit the opponents of the regional authorities (or the opposition in general) or with the struggle for the redistribution of property.

“SP”: – Are there ways to really end this practice of dual citizenship? Or not under the current government?

– Of course, you can prevent the penetration of power by persons who have citizenship of other states. But for this, first of all, it is necessary to make sure that entrepreneurs do not need to become members of regional assemblies or the State Duma in order to ensure the safety of their own business. Then there will be significantly fewer carriers of dual citizenship in the deputy corps.

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