Oct 18, 2021
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"No need for communication": details of the relationship of Brezhnev’s daughters with their own fathers

Vera Brezhneva has been married for the third time. Her daughters communicate well with her spouses.

Vera Brezhneva has been married to the composer and talented musician Konstantin Meladze for six years. The couple secretly got married, but after some time the public became aware of the marriage of the artists.

Brezhneva and Meladze have no children yet. But both spouses have several children from previous marriages. Recall that the brother of the famous singer has three children: Alice, Leah and Valery. The blonde has two daughters Sarah and Sonya. Despite the fact that heirs appeared in different marriages, children communicate well with their fathers and stepfathers.

So, more recently, Sarah posted a story in which touchingly congratulated her father Mikhail Kiperman on his birthday. She also shared several photos of the parent at once.

“I love you very much. Happy birthday, my dear dad,” the girl wrote.

As for his older sister Sarah, the singer’s heiress does not communicate with her biological father Vitaly Voichenko. But she is in excellent relations with her sister’s parent, who raised her together with her star wife.

According to the blonde, the performer is not at all worried about the fact that Sonya’s dad does not keep in touch with her. She believes that there is nothing wrong with the fact that the girl could not find a common language with her ex.

“My daughter has no need for communication, I have no right to insist,” said the celebrity in an interview.

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