Oct 15, 2020
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No longer possible: Russia refused to cooperate with the Netherlands in the MH17 case

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The investigation into the Boeing crash in the Donbas was biased, the Russian Foreign Ministry said

Russia withdraws from trilateral consultations with Australia and the Netherlands over the July 2014 Malaysian Boeing crash in eastern Ukraine. This was announced at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, October 15.

Moscow noted that they consider further cooperation impossible. By filing a lawsuit with the ECHR against Russia, The Hague demonstrated its true attitude to the investigation - “contrary to common sense, continue the vicious path of unilaterally blaming Russia for what happened in the skies over Donbas,” the department said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that the Netherlands from the very beginning rejected all facts that did not correspond to their version of events, including the data of technical expertise. Moreover, the inter-State application to the European Court was filed without even waiting for the interim results of the joint consultations. Moscow regards such actions as unfriendly and in this regard blames the Western partners for the termination of consultations on the MH17 case.

“Ignoring any arguments and our readiness for dialogue, the Netherlands pursues exclusively opportunistic political interests, shamelessly hiding behind the need to protect the rights of loved ones of the victims of the plane crash,” the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.

Earlier it became known that the claim of the Netherlands against the Russian Federation entered the ECHR.

A Malaysian Airlines passenger Boeing crashed near Donetsk on July 17, 2014. In the spring of 2020, a trial in the MH17 case began in the Netherlands. Three Russians and a Ukrainian are accused of the plane crash.

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