May 10, 2022
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No later than 2027 Scotland and Ulster will leave the United Kingdom

British voters voted for its collapse

On May 5, local elections were held in the UK, in which the ruling Conservative Party and its leader, Boris Johnson, suffered a crushing defeat.

In Scotland, the Scottish National Party won a landslide victory, in Wales the majority of the seats were taken by representatives of the Labor Party, in Northern Ireland, for the first time in more than a century, the national party Sinn Fein won. The Liberal Democrats significantly increased their representation in local bodies (Whig) and the Green Party.

The British economy practically stood up, anti-Russian sanctions stopped economic growth. Inflation in the United Kingdom topped 6%, hitting a 30-year high. The record jump in prices was triggered by a 25% increase in electricity bills and a 54% jump in gasoline prices.

A crushing blow to the reputation of conservatives and Boris Johnson personally dealt, as we wrote, Partythe Prime Minister’s partying scandal on Downing Street during the hard lockdowns. Currently eone-third (66%) of Britons have a negative view of the prime minister, and only a quarter (24%) have a positive view.

It became known about the inappropriate behavior of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Priti Patel, who insulted and humiliated her subordinates. Treasury chief Rishi Sunak did not abandon the US green cardsand his wife paid taxes not in Britain, but in India. These and many other scandalous incidents undermined the reputation of the conservatives.

It is noteworthy that some Conservative candidates deliberately distanced themselves from Boris Johnson in local elections, but this did not save them from defeat in the London boroughs of Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet. Wandsworth Council was under tory since 1978, and Westminster Council has been theirs since its inception in 1964, these areas have now been taken over by Labor. Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan of London called the Wandsworth victory “a historic night of joy for Labour”.

“I have always called myself a conservative, but today … I do not agree with the government, said Marcel Aramburo, 62, a veteran Wandsworth resident. “I am dissatisfied with the people who run this country. Everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie.”.

Scottish National Party (SNP) won a very natural victory in Scotland and remains the dominant political force here after more than a decade and a half in power, having increased the number of representatives in local bodies by 22. Ian Blackford, Representative SNP in the British Parliament, confirmed the intention of his party to hold an independence referendum before the end of 2023. In an interview sky news he said: “Boris Johnson and any other prime minister cannot deny democracy. They must recognize that it is the right of the people of Scotland that our country be independent.”

The future of Great Britain is called into question and the triumphant success of the party Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland. This party received 27 seats, edging out the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in second place. Sinn Féin Vice President Michel O’Neill will take over as Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. In her Election Day speech, O’Neill said: “Today begins a new era, which I believe provides us all with the opportunity to rethink the relationships in this society on the basis of justice, on the basis of equality and on the basis of social justice”.

Despite the fact that the Unionists have declared that they will boycott the new government, the situation in Ulster is no longer under the control of London. In his speech after Michelle O’Neill’s victory promised hold a referendum on the unification of Ireland within five years.

Sinn Féin (the name of the party is translated from Irish as “we ourselves”) is known for its close ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA), which has long been the paramilitary wing of Sinn Féin. Although the current leaders of Sinn Féin deny any contact with the IRA, there is no doubt that both structures are still coordinating their actions. So, in April 2021, the leaders of Sinn Féin, led by O’Ne, attended the lavish funeral of prominent IRA militant leader Bobby Story, despite the fact that mass gatherings in the UK were banned due to the “pandemic”.

The strategic goal of Sinn Féin is to unite Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland into one state.

York once considers Sinn Féin victory in Northern Ireland “a seismic political shift that could revive hopes of Irish unity”.

financial once announced the result of local elections in the United Kingdom “death penalty for tories” (the death penalty behind in Tori). This is the death penalty for the United Kingdom as well.

Cover photo: REUTERS/Jason Cairnduff

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