Sep 10, 2021
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No comment: the US Ambassador stayed at the Russian Foreign Ministry for only 20 minutes

US Ambassador John Sullivan was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, but stayed there for only 20 minutes. There were no comments for the press.

John Sullivan arrived at the Russian Foreign Office, but left very quickly. He stayed in the building for about 20 minutes, and then his car with diplomatic numbers drove out the gate.

At the entrance to the territory of the Foreign Ministry, representatives of the media were already waiting for the ambassador. However, there were no comments for the press.

The reason for calling the ambassador to the diplomatic service is unknown. There is no information about who he spoke to.

In April 2021, John Sullivan was already summoned to the Foreign Ministry, but then the conversations ended with his flight to the United States “for consultations.” The ambassador returned only two months later.

“I am glad to return to Moscow to continue working with an experienced and reliable team of the US diplomatic mission to advance US foreign policy interests in Russia,” the American ambassador commented then on his return.

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