Oct 31, 2021
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No bloody snot: US Army is not ready for bayonet combat

Photo: Soldiers help a teammate climb a wall during a field exercise at Langley Eustis Joint Base, Virginia, USA.

Photo: Soldiers help a teammate climb a wall during a field exercise at Langley Eustis Joint Base, Virginia, USA. (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

Undoubtedly, the American army is one of the most high-tech in the world and Washington has noticeably modernized its troops in recent years, including electronic warfare and cyber weapons designed for confrontation in the information space. Modern means of warfare will play a strategic role in the conflict, but the Pentagon has also taken care of such a topic as the importance of hand-to-hand combat when “wall to wall” goes. And here the technologies are completely different.

The American Lieutenant General of the US Army “ruffled” the topic Ted (Theodore) Martin, who was interviewed by Military. Com, where he noted that modern means of destruction are effective only at the initial stage of the conflict. “They work exactly as long as the soldiers do not converge in close combat, since it is impossible to take control of the territory without the direct presence of military personnel on it,” said the general, a regular, by the way, military, although already of pre-retirement age (60 years) … But with hand-to-hand combat in the American army, there are certain problems. Rangers are not taught to fight to bloody snot.

It is clear that the training of soldiers from the “Green Berets”, “Navy Seals”, “Delta” and other special forces of the US Army (there are about ten groups of them) significantly exceeds the level of training, including physical, other forces of the ground forces, the Navy and the Air Force. Their combat readiness for a real confrontation in close combat is estimated to be rather low, which was also noticed by the American command. Recently, the United States Army Armored Corps has extended its recruit training period from 17 weeks to 22 weeks. Their training program included classes to improve the level of personal weapons and physical fitness. They even developed special tests to check the combat suitability, which measure the strength, speed and endurance of a soldier. In theory, the best in the world. Is not it?

Recently, in May of this year, a US Army commercial appeared in the United States, it is clear that in comparison with the Russian army. There are shown footage of the Russian military doing push-ups, jumping with a parachute, firing at targets. Then – an American cartoon advertising service in the country’s armed forces. The main cartoon character is a corporal brought up in a same-sex family, who “always fought for equality”, who decided to join the ranks of the American army after leaving school. “We are doomed,” one of the users of American social networks reacted to the video. “And we don’t have another army?” Asked another user. Fight-Baba Angelina will now go into battle, not Sergeant John.

In the photo: servicemen during demonstration performances as part of the Army-2021 military-technical forum at the Sverdlovsky training ground in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
In the photo: servicemen during demonstration performances as part of the military-technical forum “Army-2021” at the Sverdlovsky training ground in Yekaterinburg, Russia .. (Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS)

“Many military personnel, many of whom are women, experience certain difficulties in the training process,” General Martin said in an interview (he was promoted to lieutenant in 1983 after graduating from the West Point Military Academy). – That is why today the main task of the US command is to prepare infantry, tank crews and scouts for battle in the cramped conditions of a city on enemy territory. For this purpose, soldiers are trained in hand-to-hand combat and the handling of cold weapons. ” Well, something like Thai boys fighting Thai girls under the covers. And which of them will go into hand-to-hand combat with the Russian paratroopers?

Since the beginning of 2018, the US Army has been recruiting mainly people with an undefined orientation, including a sexual one, into its ranks. Now a cowboy from Texas, whose ancestors spent their lives in the saddle, and a distant-distant grandfather still participated in the civil war of 1861-1865 between North and South, can calmly declare in the local “recruiting office” that he is not John at all, but a certain individual female. In this case, there is even no need to demonstrate the primary sexual characteristics, but only indicate in the application the preferred gender for yourself. And then in the barracks, choose the appropriate toilet for yourself – for ladies or gentlemen.

Trainer Sergeant Maguire from the famous novel about the United States Marines Robert Flenagan “Worms” probably would have died on the spot with an open jaw, having heard from the recruit that he is not a man, but considers himself a woman. It is likely that he would have checked the gender using the traditional military method – the poke method. But now in the American army it is prescribed to be not only more tolerant of transgender people, but also to give them an advantage in military service – after all, free citizens of a free country (do not forget to put quotes). The Pentagon now, even if the gender of the recruit differs from the gender indicated on the birth certificate, will enroll in the army indicating the preferred one – easily changing “husband” to “wives”. The presence of a genital organ does not matter now.

Former US Secretary of Defense was puzzled about the idea of ​​lifting the long-term ban on military service for transgender people Ashton Carter back in 2016. He believed that such an innovation should provide equal access to military service for all Americans. Well, maybe the mayor of some big city be gay and not hide his orientation, so why can’t a special forces “navy seal” be a “sea cat”? By the way, it was with his filing that the post of Minister of the Army (the civilian head of the ground forces) was first occupied by an openly gay Eric Fanning… The gates of the American army turned out to be open for people with a non-traditional orientation – figuratively speaking, a paratrooper in a skirt and thong has ceased to be something unusual.

– Any army is a harsh mechanism in which any action is based on the use of force, both muscular and technical, – believes military expert Vladislav Shurygin… – Starting from the everyday procedures “lifting-releasing”, “falling-wringing out”, the form of clothing for morning physical exercises “number two” is a naked torso, if someone does not remember. This is the lot of men, why, in fact, representatives of this particular gender serve in the troops. At the same time, there are positions in the army that are held exclusively by women – as medical personnel, signalmen, and many other military specialties that do not involve heavy physical exertion and, which is also important, living together with men in the same room. And they cope with these duties quite well, while always relying on a strong man’s hand. A woman in uniform always commands respect precisely because she is a woman. But it is very problematic to imagine a fighter, for example, a tank driver, or a bilge mechanic on a ship, who believes that he is Yulia, and not Yura by the very fact of his birth. At least, such incidents have not yet been encountered in the Russian army. Fortunately.

The American army has never really fought in its entire history. She did not have the Battle of Kulikovo, the Battle of Stalingrad, on account of only the shameful Vietnam, where the Yankees were never able to achieve any military success and preferred to water the jungle with napalm. The very profession of a military man has emasculated and turned into a kind of bureaucratic service, which is employed by those who have not found any other relevance in life. “I’m not a man, I’m a woman.” – with such a password, you can now easily find a place in the army service in the American army. Bidet, bidet shower and camouflage tampons are guaranteed. How would such a soldier of an undetermined kind be able to fight?

No words, the US Army really has impressive power, which with a military budget of $ 750 billion (more than the top ten countries in defense spending combined) is not surprising, and its 1.4 million people occupy the third line in list of the most militarized countries in the world. Americans are used to being proud of their military strength and demonstrating it in every possible way. True, this is not always successful, especially when it comes to “concert performances” in front of the Russian army, whose servicemen do not want to be content with the role of “spectators” and go up to the “stage” themselves. The current point of contact between the armies of Russia and the United States is in Syria, where each of them is trying to demonstrate “muscles of steel.” Military operations, of course, are not conducted, but conflict situations cannot be avoided, which is explained by different interests and assigned tasks.

“Skirmishes on the roads” in Syria occur quite regularly, despite the mutual agreements between the commands of the Russian group and the American contingent in this country. Also memorable is the recent episode with the ramming of the BTR-80A armored vehicle MRAP with the inscription US ARMY on board (“SP” wrote about this 28.08.2020), who tried to stop a Russian patrol armored group in northeastern Syria. The parties exchanged mutual accusations (the Americans suffered four servicemen), but again agreed on the non-use of force and maintaining contacts through the established communication channels in order to avoid such incidents.

Photo: Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade personnel demonstrate hand-to-hand combat maneuvers during the Rangers in Action demonstration prior to the Ranger graduation class.
Photo: Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade personnel demonstrate hand-to-hand combat maneuvers during the Rangers in Action demonstration prior to the Ranger graduation class. (Photo: ZUMA / TASS)

However, the American military did not calm down and decided to take revenge on the “insolent Russians” for that episode. In general, we decided to teach a lesson and demonstrate their advantage. What actually happened in Syria in September last year during the “show flogging” is unknown, at least the Russian Defense Ministry did not make any statements on this matter and did not report any unfriendly actions of the US military personnel. But the American media wrote that on September 10, the US army “tried to attack Russia for training purposes, but the uncoordinated actions of the command led to a fiasco.”

Something went wrong with the advanced US military with the “mock attack” attempt. Either the buttons on modern computers with stylish graphical interfaces are “stuck”, or, as experts say, the US military has not yet fully switched to advanced technologies, or there is no coherence and teamwork. We can also assume that Russian electronic warfare systems, as well as portable anti-drones systems, had a hand in this failure, but the Americans did not refer to them in this case. The result of the “operation” of the US military is deplorable: “Even acting according to a previously worked out scenario, during a training attack, the army was simply confused and did not understand what to do,” the Defense News stated at the time.

The US Army is accustomed to acting according to instructions, and if something does not coincide with it in real hostilities, then the American servicemen are simply lost and do not know what to do. Figuratively speaking, they “freeze” and try to press F5 on the keyboard to reboot. All the coolness is immediately lost if the connection is lost or there is no clear command for further actions. Unlike the Russian army, for which, if a ram, then a ram, if in hand-to-hand combat, then a bayonet-knife is at hand. This is not even a military tactic, but a state of mind – to act as God puts on his soul. A little recklessly, as you have to, the main thing is to get involved in a fight, and then we’ll see. This is definitely not taught in the US Army.

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