Oct 15, 2020
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Nino Ninidze spoke about her role in Danila Kozlovsky’s film “Karamor”

08:40, 15.10.

The actress published a video presentation, where she told about her work.

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At the beginning of October, the shooting of a new film by Danila Kozlovsky "Karamor" began in Moscow, where the actor and director will play the main role. This mystical thriller will tell an alternative story of the development of the revolutionary events of 1917, provoked by the clash of the anarchist Karamora and the clan of vampires that guarded the Romanov dynasty for three centuries. At first, the film was conceived as a series, but nevertheless the creators decided to remove the confrontation between people and the secret organization of evil spirits as a full-length film. It was announced that the picture will be released on large screens in 2021. In addition to Kozlovsky, Andrei Smolyakov, Philip Yankovsky, Nino Ninidze starred in the thriller. It was assumed that the mother of Danila's child, Olga Zueva, would also take part in the filming. But recently it became known that the director replaced her with Daria Balabanova...

Yesterday, the performer of the role of Patsiya in "Karamor" Nino Ninidze published a video presentation on her microblog on Instagram, where she spoke briefly about herself and her creative career. She noted that she has been acting in films since the age of six and she even had to play a man in the production of "Waiting for Godot". The actress, despite her vulnerability and shyness, likes to transform and experiment. As Nino said, in Kozlovsky's film she will play a very different girl. “The last of my works is Danila Kozlovsky's film“ Karamor ”. I play a militant girl who runs around with weapons, shoots, kills throughout the movie. But she has a very tragic story, "Ninidze said in a video on her microblog on Instagram.

Nino Ninidze spoke about her work in a video presentation

By the way, the shooting of Nino Ninidze in the film, which took place in Tbilisi, ended before the pandemic. In early February, the actress posted on her Instagram microblog a video of how Danila Kozlovsky congratulates her with a bouquet of roses on the completion of work. “This is the reason for all my external and internal transformations. it was in my city that I finished a difficult and incredibly interesting project. my fearless Patsia ... I will miss you ", - wrote then Nino in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged - Prim. row.).

Kozlovsky congratulated Ninidze with flowers on the end of filming

We add that, according to Nino, in addition to filming in films, her outlet and hobby is music. The artist even has her own group. It is noteworthy that in August Ninidze sang a song by Tina Turner at the wedding of Svetlana Bondarchuk. And the beloved of the 29-year-old actress - 48-year-old Maxim Vitorgan has repeatedly emphasized how much he admires the singing of his beloved. In the spring, the artist showed a video of Ninidze singing a Georgian lullaby, after which he noted that he was jealous of himself because of the beautiful Nino being nearby.

Nino and Maxim at the wedding of Svetlana Bondarchuk

Recall that Vitorgan and Ninidze have been dating since last summer. They met at a party with mutual friends and at first did not advertise the relationship. Maxim was the first to declassify their romance, showing a spicy photo with the actress from their vacation. Since then, the couple has been broadcasting a romantic idyll while traveling to Greece, Oman, Turkey. Last month, the lovers embarked on a tour of Cappadocia, boasting pictures from there after.

In Cappadocia, Vitorgan and Ninidze went on a hot air balloon flight

In mid-September, rumors of Nino's pregnancy appeared. They were provoked by a snapshot of the actress, which Vitorgan posted on his microblog: Nino had a rounded stomach there. By the way, the artist already has a four-year-old son. Alexander, born in wedlock to actor Kirill Pletnev. The stars got married in 2018 but divorced a year later. The initiator of the separation was Ninidze, who was not satisfied with her life in marriage with a 40-year-old actor. Pletnev was so upset about the divorce that he began to suffer from depression and panic attacks.

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