Jun 15, 2022
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Nikonenko insulted Tatyana Vasilyeva


The actor called the actress Tatyana Vasilyeva a dirty woman.

Nikonenko has been angry with Vasilyeva for many years now. It turns out that back in the distant 90s, Tatyana Grigoryevna framed the actor when he helped her in every possible way. Sergey Petrovich told in detail what the artist had done.

It all started with a trip of actors to Israel. In the early 90s, Nikonenko was filming the film “I want to go to America” and called Vasilyeva for the main female role. Tatyana Grigoryevna agreed to star in the project, however, she was dissatisfied with something all the time.

She told Representative Victor every day that he was underpaid. She poured mud on him even at the airport when we left home. She screamed that he was a miser and that she did not want to cooperate with him ever again. Listening to this every day was simply unbearable. Moreover, I was pleased with the trip. After all, I had dollars. You could breathe easy and not think about making money“, – recalled Sergei Petrovich.

Tatyana Vasilyeva - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Vasilyeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Vasilyeva not only threw tantrums, but also weaved intrigues behind her back. “Vasilyeva is a dirty woman, a market woman, moreover. Anyone can cheat. Greedy for money, but just some kind of ferocity! She turned out to be just disgusting. It’s been so many years, and I’m even disgusted to talk about it. Come on, her in … Tanya Vasilyeva is solid dirt, not a person!– Nikonenko was seriously angry.

The fact is that Tatyana Grigorievna asked the same Victor whom she insulted to “throw” Nikonenko. According to Sergei Petrovich, a colleague wanted to get his money.

Viktor arrived in Moscow in the fall. During our meeting, he asked: “Was there a moment when Tanya took your passports from you and your wife Katya?” I say: “Of course. I then looked for them for a long time to pick up the documents. And he says to me: “Imagine, at that time she called me almost every evening and said:“ Why do we need Nikonenko? Let me alone work out all the meetings, you just pay me all the money!” I am the director of this film, who invited her – the performer of an episodic role – on a trip, and she did such things behind my back! Tanya, by the way, was in Israel for the first time, in the holy land! And she started this game!” – emotionally concluded the 81-year-old artist “”.

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