Apr 7, 2021
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Nikolay Drozdov told what Zhanna Friske was like in the show “The Last Hero”

15:37, 04/07/2021

The TV presenter became a guest of the program “The Fate of a Man”.

Today on the TV channel “Russia 1” there was a continuation of the release “The Fate of a Man” with Nikolai Drozdov. In a new episode, the zoologist shared the details of his personal life and relationship with Zhanna Friske. They starred together in a television program.

Nikolai Nikolaevich took part in the filming of the fourth and fifth seasons of the reality show “The Last Hero”. Together with him in the TV programs were Sergey Krylov, Elena Temnikova, Mikhail Grebenshchikov, Stas Piekha, Dana Borisova, Tatiana Dogileva. During the show, he became friends with Zhanna Friske. Drozdov shared with the presenter Boris Korchevnikov, what was the artist in the program when they don’t see the camera. “On the set of The Last Hero, I called Zhanna Friske my sister-owner, because her character is like this: once you got here, you have to do something,” Nikolai said.

Frame from the program “The fate of man”

According to Drozdov, Zhanna was a wonderful person. Other participating girls complained that they felt bad and bored on the project, and the artist did everything. The TV presenter said that in the reality show they did not have a table and plates. Friske prepared food for everyone, counted how many people and divided the food equally among everyone. She figured out how to replace the dishes and laid out large sheets of trees. If someone was not there during lunch, then Jeanne set aside a portion for those who were absent.

Shot from the program “The Fate of a Man”

Nikolai added that she kept order remarkably. She always smiled, but she had a character. The girls sat around during the filming, and Friske approached them and said: “Stop trying, we have to work!” The girls ran away at once and found something to do.

Nikolai Drozdov is a Soviet and Russian scientist-zoologist, host of the program “In the world of animals”, as well as an honored journalist of Russia. In February 2021 he became the hero of the release of a glossy magazine Tatler together with his wife Tatiana Drozdova… The family told the editorial office the secret of love, which has been going on for 44 years. In addition, in the summer of 2020, Nikolai became the face of the Gucci fashion brand. He, along with Alexander Gudkov, Alexander Pale and Kirill Ivanov filmed in a promo video. As part of the advertising campaign, Drozdov starred for the magazine “Fashion”… In the video, he talks about the beneficial properties of valerian, calendula and other medicinal plants. In addition to Nikolai, Gudkov starred in the video, he looks after the garden in a fashionable manner. After activities in the world of gloss, the TV presenter created an account in TEC So

Nikolay Drozdov in a video for Vogue magazine

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