Oct 16, 2021
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Nikolay Baskov spoke about crazy love for a woman


Singer Nikolai Baskov admitted that he had many novels.

The artist does not hide that he is currently single and is still in search of a suitable woman with whom he could start a family. According to the singer, he was not disappointed in love and is sure that he will soon become a married man. Moreover, the artist knows how to conquer women and, being in a relationship, is ready for a lot.

So, Baskov admitted that he was once so carried away that he kept watch for his girlfriend at the airport for hours.

I’ve had crazy romances in my life. Once, seeing off his beloved on the plane, he could sit at the airport and wait for her to land. She had to fly for 1.5 hours, and I didn’t move, holding the phone in my hand until she wrote to me: “I arrived“, – said the” natural blond “in the show” Star in response “on the channel MUZ-TV.

Nikolay Baskov
Nikolay Baskov

By the way, according to Baskov, he was going to tie the knot five years ago, but was forced to put aside matrimonial plans due to the illness of his father, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. The singer threw all his strength into saving dad, forgetting about himself, but his efforts were in vain – in the summer of 2019, Viktor Vladimirovich died.

Two years later, the singer recovered from the loss of a loved one and began to arrange his own life. The artist, for example, invested in the construction of a country house, which is about to be completed, and does not exclude that it is there that he will create a family nest with his future wife.

Recall that Nikolai Baskov was married only once, in his youth, to the daughter of his producer Boris Spiegel. However, this marriage turned out to be unsuccessful and ended in a big scandal, which is still tormenting the singer. The ex-wife of Nikolai not only left him, but also forbade him to see their son Bronislav. As a result, the boy was adopted by Svetlana’s new husband, and Baskov had not met with the heir for more than 14 years.

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