Oct 16, 2021
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Nikolay Baskov had fun with Alla Pugacheva (video)


Singer Nikolai Baskov had fun with the Prima Donna.

Maxim Galkin joined the congratulations on October 15 addressed to Nikolai Baskov, who is celebrating his 45th birthday. In honor of the singer’s birthday, the comedian posted on Instagram a rare video featuring the birthday boy and Alla Pugacheva.

My dear friend Nikolay Baskov! Happy to congratulate you! We adore you with the whole family! I wish you that your voice flew, life was in full swing, and you were, as always, wise and cheerful! Rare footage. January 2012. We are visiting our close friends. Nicholas was asked to sing, and Alla undertook to play along. Considering that there were no rehearsals, it turned out great“, – noted Galkin in the commentary to the video.

And one cannot but agree with the husband of the Prima Donna. On the archival footage, Basque performed the popular romance “There are meetings only once in life” very soulfully, and the singer adorned his performance with her piano performance.

It is worth noting that Baskov and Pugacheva have a long-standing friendship and many curious moments. The other day in Ida Galich’s show “The Star in Response”, the singer told how he made the Prima Donna run. At the birthday party of Alexander Buinov, Nikolai went on stage and parted so much that he took out a fire extinguisher and began to water it all around. The star guests who were sitting in the hall also got it.

Burned Lyme’s hair, she then restored them for a long time. As Igor Krutoy says, he first saw Alla Borisovna running“, – the” natural blond “remembered about the incident.

By the way, the same Krutoy, congratulating Baskov on his anniversary today, called him his son and promised that they would celebrate the holiday noisily and cheerfully, but did not disclose all the details.

Happy birthday, son! Mom Lena health and good luck. And today we will fully note how you like to say: “Let it be better to be ashamed in the morning than bored in the evening“, – the composer joked on Instagram.

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