Nov 8, 2021
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Nikolay Baskov had a fight with Sergey Lazarev


Singer Nikolai Baskov entered into a skirmish with Lazarev.

Recently, the artists have become the hosts of the show “Duets”, which is shown by “Russia 1”. After the performance of Misha Marvin and rapper Natan, a verbal skirmish took place between Sergei and Nikolai. The thing is that the “golden voice” at some point decided to join the performers.

You see, when a person sings well, why bother climbing? Constantly my own five kopecks …“- Sergey Lazarev was indignant.

Sergey Lazarev
Sergey Lazarev

The “natural blond” did not remain silent.

My soul sings. This is my favorite song. That you even came to my garden with your cabbage“, – retorted Baskov.

Nevertheless, Lazarev made it clear that Nikolai had simply ruined the number.

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