Nov 19, 2021
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Nikolai Valuev wanted blood from jealousy


Boxer and deputy Nikolai Valuev spoke about his jealousy of his wife.

The 48-year-old athlete admitted that he once was very jealous of his spouse. The athlete was even ready to fight with a man who was flirting with Galina.

Jealousy does not arise from scratch. She needs to be given the ground to check how jealous a person is. Fortunately for me, I don’t have such a basis, that’s not at all. But in 2006, Galya and I traveled around Italy, and she recalls this trip, one might say, with pride. We lived in the southern, bandit part of Calabria, where a local guard was assigned to us. A cheerful Italian who took us everywhere and showed us everything. And at the same time he showed signs of attention to my wife … in front of me“, – the boxer shared his memories.

Nikolay Valuev with his wife
Nikolay Valuev with his wife

Nicholas’s beloved did not give more reasons for such experiences. “There was nothing reprehensible. I understand perfectly well that women are pleased when they are looked after … I cannot know who has what in their blood. But at that moment I wanted blood, that’s for sure“, – added the deputy.

Nikolay and Galina have been happily married for over 20 years. The couple are raising three children – daughter Irina, sons of Grigory and Sergei. Valuev always speaks of his wife with warmth and tenderness.

Galya is only outwardly a woman with a fighting masculine character, but in fact is a very vulnerable person. It’s not like a mask. Rather, a strong shell necessary so that no outsider throws their paws into the inner world. I know very well where this shell ends. And the children know, and everyone who communicates closely with Galya“, – said the athlete.

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