Mar 6, 2021
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Nikolai Tsiskaridze honored the memory of Mikhail Zhvanetsky on the satirist’s birthday, calling him the main philosopher of our time

11:01, 06.03.2021

Today, the humorist could have turned 87 years old.

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November 6, 2020 became aware of deathMikhail Zhvanetsky… He was 86 years old. In early autumn last year, a number of media outlets reported that Zhvanetsky had completed his concert activity due to age and loss of working capacity.

Today Zhvanetsky could have turned 87 years old. So, on the satirist’s birthday, Nikolai Tsiskaridze hastened to honor his memory. “Remembering the birthdays of great people, artists, historical figures, even if they left the world, we extend their creative life for many many years to come. Maybe even forever, “Tsiskaridze wrote in his microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given unchanged – Prim. row.).

Speech by Mikhail Zhvanetsky, archive video

Nikolai noted that humor saves him from all troubles. According to the dancer, he helps to take a broader view of what is happening in the world. Tsiskaridze added that Zhvanetsky was and remains one of the main satirists, writers and philosophers of the time. “Stunning, inextinguishable, wise, incredibly talented Mikhail Mikhailovich is a standard, an example, an ideal! And therefore, on his birthday, I want to speak with his words, his masterpiece quotes, which, I hope, will not cease to be relevant and dear to all of us for a long time to come … ”- wrote the artist.

Tsiskaridze said that memory makes it possible to transfer knowledge and art to children. “After all, if not us, then who will tell them about what was lost and very important, about what raised us, what was dear to us. This is important, even if not immediately, but over time, understanding and respect for the past can help us avoid our mistakes or make the world a better place, or just be happier, ”he concluded.

A colleague and close friend of Zhvanetsky, Efim Shifrin, also honored the memory of the satirist and published his archival photos in his microblog on Instagram. “Today is Zhvanetsky’s birthday. Blessed memory, Mikhail Mikhailovich … ”- wrote Shifrin.

Efim Shifrin published archive photos of Mikhail Zhvanetsky (gallery – scroll right)

It should be noted that in January 2020, a number of media outlets reported that Zhvanetsky suffering from oncology… According to sources, the satirist was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Allegedly, Mikhail Mikhailovich found out about his illness before the New Year 2019. Journalists argued that the writer began to undergo treatment, and the doctors were confident of a favorable outcome.

However, the very next day after the publication of the news that Zhvanetsky is fighting cancer, the satirist himself hastened to refute this information… He stated that he did not suffer from oncology and that he was doing great. Mikhail Mikhailovich expressed his bewilderment about the appearance of such conjectures. Zhvanetsky’s wife also said that the writer is regularly examined by specialized doctors for preventive purposes, because at such a solid age it is necessary to carefully monitor health.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky with his wife Natalia

It is known that Zhvanetsky left to his heirs property, the value of which is estimated at 200 million rubles. One apartment of Mikhail Mikhailovich, where he lived, costs about 90 million rubles. Currently, the property is used by the satirist’s son Dmitry. Also, the star had a house in the suburbs, the resort area of ​​Odessa and in the United States. For the great legacy of Zhvanetsky his widow, son and at least five illegitimate children are fighting

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