Dec 30, 2020
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Nikolai Rastorguev denied rumors about his disastrous illness

The famous Russian singer and member of the Lyube group Nikolai Rastorguev said that rumors about his distressing illness were portrayed as absolute nonsense, as if he felt great. The performer urged his fans not to believe in dissimilar speculations.

Nikolai Rastorguev denied rumors about his disastrous illness

He said that in the “yellow” press they write fractionally that he had become very ill 10 years ago. In the media, he is constantly attributed to some ailments that he does not have and did not have, Nikolai noted.

COVID-19 Rastorguev also did not roll around, however, several musicians moved this infection in his group. The performer named 2020 will be difficult, because the lack of concerts overwhelmed all show business stars. He added that those stars who chatted about the plight of their colleagues had in mind not their material difficulties, but the difficulties of artists who were really poor in money.

Nikolai also reported that he would celebrate the New Year. He plans to concentrate at home with his last name and will probably visit one of the neighbors. And on the front table there will certainly be Olivier.

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