Oct 27, 2021
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Nikolai Baskov’s mother was hospitalized with COVID 19


The mother of the singer Nikolai Baskov was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus.

The mother of the famous musician and showman Nikolai Baskov, 66-year-old Elena Nikolaevna Baskova, was hospitalized with coronavirus.

The parent of Nikolai Baskov is being treated in one of the clinics in the capital, whose doctors monitor her condition around the clock.

It is reported that Elena Nikolaevna Baskova had all the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

The PCR test for covid gave a positive result, and the doctors decided to place Nikolai Baskov’s mother in the hospital in order to provide her with timely assistance in case of deterioration of health.

Nikolay Baskov with his wife
Nikolay Baskov

According to the telegram channel Mash, doctors assess the condition of Nikolai Baskov’s mother as moderate.

It is worth noting that Nikolai Baskov and his mother have a very warm relationship. The musician in social networks has not yet commented on Elena Nikolaevna’s hospitalization, but it is obvious that he is aware of everything that is happening and is in control of the situation.

Recall that on the eve of the coronavirus, the famous director, author of “Arrhythmia” and “Ordinary Woman” Boris Khlebnikov was hospitalized.

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