Nov 16, 2021
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Nikolai Baskov was almost craped by a tiger (video)


Singer Nikolai Baskov scared the tiger cub so that he made a bunch.

New Year’s shows are already in full swing on television, which will entertain viewers during the holidays. Work is in full swing on “Russia 1”, where the recording of “Blue Light” took place the other day. Judging by the footage that appeared on the social network, the main stars of the channel, Andrei Malakhov and Nikolai Baskov, became the hosts of the program.

The TV presenter on Instagram shared a video from the set. He did not disclose all the secrets of the upcoming program, but he said that the show was not without the embarrassment that happened to the “natural blonde”.

An emergency on the set of the New Year’s light: the tiger cub saw Nikolai Baskov for the first time and could not contain his joy! The story of one friendship on video …“- Malakhov signed a funny video.

It turned out that the tiger cub (as you know, the blue water tiger will be the symbol of the coming year) became the culprit of the turmoil, with whom the Basque began to groom. However, the animal, finding itself in an unusual environment, surrounded by many people, loud sounds and bright light, obviously got nervous, so instead of joyful purrs, the singer received a not very pleasant surprise – the tiger crumpled while the artist was holding it in his hands.

We must pay tribute to Baskov, he, as a professional showman, did not take an eye, noticing the embarrassment that had occurred, and immediately joked that this is a good omen promising him money. And then the artist decided to demonstrate his vocal abilities to the beast so that he was less afraid of him.

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