Jan 14, 2022
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Nikolai Baskov had a close relationship with Anastasia Volochkova


Anastasia Volochkova spoke about her relationship with singer Nikolai Baskov.

The 45-year-old artist was married only once – in his youth, to the daughter of his producer Svetlana Shpigel. The couple divorced in 2008 with a big scandal, and after that the ex-wife forbade the artist to communicate with her son Bronislav, who was eventually adopted by her second husband Vyacheslav Sobolev.

Since then, the “natural blond” has not seen the boy, and, as it turned out, he gave his fatherly care to his daughter Anastasia Volochkova. According to the dancer, after her breakup with Igor Vdovin, it was Baskov who replaced Ariadne’s father for some time and considered her his stepdaughter.

Anastasia Volochkova
Anastasia Volochkova

Kolya paid more attention to Arisha than her own father. Even when he is abroad, he will always find a way to please Ariadne, for example, by sending her video greetings. I remember how Arisha reacted when she invited her classmates to her birthday, and at that moment Kolya called her via video link, and her daughter screamed: “Kolya Baskov is calling me“, – said the artist in an interview with

At that moment, Volochkova was credited with an affair with the singer – they appeared together at events and flew on a romantic trip to the Maldives. The dancer said that the “natural blond” gave her many luxurious gifts, for example, during the show “Two Stars” he presented her with “crazy expensive earrings with black and white diamonds”, and when she completed her own mansion, he brought her a piano.

I don’t know how to characterize this man… It’s just a holiday man. Kolya is amazing in all his guises: as a man, as a friend, as a person who knows how to sympathize“, – said Anastasia, who still considers Baskov her main friend.

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