Jun 23, 2022
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Nikolaev: Russian Aerospace Forces pacified the Ukrainian “Ocean” with one blow

Nikolaev: Russian Aerospace Forces pacified the Ukrainian

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

According to the media, high-precision weapons on the territory of the Okean plant in Nikolaev destroyed workshops where up to 500 military personnel of the 59th mechanized Ukrainian brigade were hiding, and there were also several pieces of equipment, including a dozen tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and five large-caliber artillery pieces.

In addition, the Russian military also destroyed the fuel terminal in Nikolaev, from which the military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was supplied with fuel.
The enemy obviously did not expect such a thing. According to some reports, his units stationed in other parts of the city panicked. Many fighters, including territorial defense units, are demoralized.

The plant itself – once one of the giants of the Soviet shipbuilding – has long been “killed” by the Maidan regime. Since 2000, the owner has been constantly changing there, mostly foreign.

Shortly before the 2014 coup, he was going through bankruptcy proceedings. And four years ago it was bought out by a local investor and adapted for the manufacture of metal structures and partly for the repair of ships. Its territory of 101 hectares was used by the owner mainly as a warehouse and transshipment point for grain and bulk cargo. And in recent months – as a shelter for army units and military equipment, which they tried to repair, so that they could then be sent back to Donbass against civilians.

In a word, the missile attack was not accidental. The enemy, as they say, asked for it. Moreover, it was previously warned. At the end of May, the Russian army launched several artillery strikes on the Okean warehouses requisitioned for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They didn’t understand the hint in the “square” …

The report of a high-precision hit in Nikolaev, from where only 132.5 km to Odessa, gave reason to assume that this could be the beginning of the next stage of the Russian Special Military Operation. Considering the difficult situation of independent fighters in the LPR and DPR, they did not have long to stay there. Does that mean we should move forward?

– The strike on the Nikolaev plant “Ocean”, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the next stage of the NMD of the Russian Federation. This is not where it should start, he says. Sergei Ishchenko, expert “SP”, retired captain of the first rank. – This plant is just an episode in solving those tasks that have been voiced more than once by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Let me remind you that one of the main ones is the demilitarization of Ukraine. So ours are striking at its military facilities, industrial infrastructure, working for a war against its own people.

“SP”: – A blow was already dealt to Nikolaev …

– Warning. I used to be in this city. There were three large shipyards there. Each is the whole city itself. The territories are huge. They even had their own railroad. Under independent Ukraine, they began to decline and go bankrupt. Large ships, especially military ones, were not built there. The cruisers did not leave the stocks. The other was a profile, a civilian one. But all the shops remained in a more or less tolerable condition. They can accommodate more than one military unit along with equipment.

“SP”: – According to the voiced data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, about five hundred Ukrainian soldiers were killed on the spot by the current missile attack. Where does such a figure come from?

– There was a whole battalion in the workshops. It usually numbers, depending on the type of troops, from 250 to 950 people. So, the estimates are quite real. Moreover, the missile strike was probably prepared. They applied it, I think, after they received the necessary information from the scouts.

“SP”: – And yet, Sergey Gennadievich, returning to the topic of the development of the offensive – why can’t the strike on the “Ocean” be considered the beginning of the advance of the allied forces further, to Odessa, where the population has already been waiting for them?

— Nikolaev is a big city. Odessa is huge compared to it. Much more troops will be needed to free her.

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