Dec 30, 2020
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Nikol Pashinyan refuses to voluntarily leave the post of prime minister

On Tuesday, December 29, a protest march was held in Yerevan again demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan… The march was organized by the opposition Movement for the Salvation of the Motherland. The protesters marched from the Arabkir administrative district to the building of the Special Investigation Service (SSS), which the opposition accuses of not performing its functions. According to the protesters, the Investigative Service is in the service of the Prime Minister and carries out all his orders. However, the main demand of the participants in the procession remains unchanged – the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Against this protest background, Nikol Pashinyan met at the National Assembly on Tuesday, taking turns with the leaders of the opposition parties Gagik Tsarukyan (“Prosperous Armenia”) and Edmond Marukyan (“Enlightened Armenia”).

“Everything that I have said publicly, I told him personally. The only way out of the situation in the country is his resignation, the sooner the better. For parliamentary elections, he should not be interim acting, “

– Gagik Tsarukyan said after the meeting. However, he refused to answer the question of journalists how the prime minister reacted to this proposal.

Then Edmon Marukyan met with Pashinyan, who presented the position of his party to the prime minister.

“We suggested that the prime minister resign, the parliament should elect a new prime minister, an interim government would be formed from those forces between which there is a consensus on the candidacy of the prime minister. The government will include specialists – people who have achieved success in their industries, who will stabilize the turbulent situation in the country, and we will prepare for the early parliamentary elections. During this period, if necessary, it is also possible to discuss amendments to the Constitution, ”

– he told reporters the content of the negotiations with Pashinyan, who wants, despite the daily protests demanding his resignation, to remain in the post of prime minister until the parliamentary elections. However, the opposition insists that the prime minister resign immediately.

When asked by journalists whether it was possible to reach a consensus, Marukyan only answered: “The crisis continues”

According to the laws of Armenia, it is possible to hold early parliamentary elections only in one case – if the prime minister resigns, and the parliament cannot elect the head of government twice, after which the parliament will be dissolved and early elections scheduled.

As for the Enlightened Armenia party, it did not join the opposition Movement to Save the Motherland, which included many opposition parties, such as ARF Dashnaktsutyun, the Republican Party of Armenia and Prosperous Armenia. The Movement to Save the Motherland has nominated a single opposition candidate for prime minister – Vazgen Manukyan… The leader of “Enlightened Armenia” Edmon Marukyan does not agree with this candidacy, he himself wants to run for this post.

However, Nikol Pashinyan is in no hurry to leave his post, which means that the political crisis in Armenia continues.

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