Feb 13, 2021
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Nikita Presnyakov’s wife spoke about the problems with facial skin

Nikita Presnyakov's wife spoke about the problems with facial skin

The wife of the musician Nikita Presnyakov, Alena admitted that due to improper nutrition, she had rashes on her face.

The wife of Alla Pugacheva’s eldest grandson Nikita Presnyakov Alena is a very beautiful girl. The model admires fans with her pictures, and from the outside it seems that Alena Krasnova is an ideal, absolutely devoid of any flaws in her appearance. Slim figure, peach skin, big eyes, full lips.

But it turns out that this glossy beauty has skin problems that she is constantly struggling with.

On Instagram, the daughter-in-law of Christina Orbakaite admitted that she suffers from post-acne. And her rashes, in turn, appeared due to improper nutrition.

Nikita Presnyakov with his wife
Nikita Presnyakov with his wife

Over the past year, I have started to eat right, have included regular exercise in my lifestyle, and recently I have taken care of my skin. Due to improper nutrition, rashes appeared on the face, and after their elimination, post-acne remained“, – shared Alena Krasnova.

The girl was forced to turn to specialists. The clinic developed a treatment regimen for the representative of the star family and advised a special diet.

I liked that the doctor gave recommendations on nutrition and vitamins to deal with the problem from the inside, and not just from the outside.“, – concluded Alena Krasnova.

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