Jan 4, 2022
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Nikita Presnyakov got into a fight with Alexei Panin


Singer Nikita Presnyakov grappled with the scandalous artist.

The eldest grandson of Alla Pugacheva, 30-year-old Nikita Presnyakov, got involved in a conflict with actor Alexei Panin, which ended in a fight. Both stars did not even suspect that they themselves would enter the octagon when they came to support their comrades in the ring.

Returning from Spain, Panin appeared at the sparring session between Nikita Dzhigurda and Alexei Shpak to support the star of the “Love in Russian” trilogy. Pugacheva’s grandson also spoke in the support group, but from the second side. And at some point, passions heated up so much that they even seized the audience.

Alexey Panin
Alexey Panin

Anticipating a spectacular battle, Panin and Presnyakov entered into verbal battles. Panin began to incite Presnyakov to a fight.

Are you ready to go out with me? Let’s go out! If you are ready to talk about Dzhigurda, come with me! I’ve been good to you, but you’re being foolish!“, – the site” 7 Days “reports the words of the actor.

Presnyakov accepted the challenge, stressing that he had been engaged in ultimate fighting for several years. But those around him suggested a more spectacular outcome of the conflict – to enter the ring. And both agreed, only Panin insisted on a boxing match – in a helmet, mouthguards, with gloves. It is reported that the battle has already taken place, and the video will soon appear on the web.

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