Jan 7, 2022
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Nikita Presnyakov beat Alexey Panin in battle


Alexey Panin lay on the floor from the blows of the singer Nikita Presnyakov.

The artist literally destroyed his rival actor Alexei Panin in the cage. The video of the battle appeared on the Nashe Delo Rutube channel.

For the first time on the floor, Alexei Panin was already 20 seconds after the start of the fight. At the same time, unlike the grandson of Alla Pugacheva, he was wearing a protective helmet.

We can bury him little by little“, – noted the commentators, realizing that the grandson of Pugacheva has an advantage.

The second time Alexey Panin was on the floor in the middle of the first round. He fought an extremely passive battle, pressed against the corners. At the same time, Presnyakov was in no hurry to finish off his opponent. He acted extremely coolly.

Maybe they didn’t inform Alexey Panin about the rules. It falls constantly without even missing a beat“, – noted the commentators after the third fall of the actor.

In the second round, the picture of the fight did not change, and the judge stopped the frank beating of Alexei Panin, who found himself on the floor several more times.

The conflict, which turned into a battle, between the grandson of Alla Pugacheva and Alexei Panin happened because of the actor Nikita Dzhigurda, who himself is not averse to waving his fists. Nikita Presnyakov said that Dzhigurda fights weakly. Panin decided to punish his friend’s offender, but lost in the battle.

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