Aug 12, 2022
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Nikita Mikhalkov spoke about the runaway stars


Director Nikita Mikhalkov believes that celebrities themselves do not understand what they are doing.

The actor in Telegram said that a huge number of media personalities left Russia, and today most of them are actively pushing anti-Russian sentiments, shouting at the top of their voices about repressions and the loss of the country.

The leaders themselves declare the most severe repressions and surveillance of them. But if you follow their actions and the actions of the authorities in relation to the rest of the opposition, it becomes clear that at first the leaders themselves begin to push adventurous, swaying ideas into the masses, provoke a reaction, and then use this reaction as a weapon.”, said Nikita Mikhalkov.

According to Mikhalkov, everything happens according to one pattern. Those who escaped are surprised at the attention of the authorities to their person, or they invent and inflate this very attention.

Nikita Mikhalkov - photo from the archive -
Nikita Mikhalkov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Obviously, some of the media do not really understand what is happening and succumbed to Western propaganda, and someone, even worse, is sitting on capital”, the director summed up.

Earlier, at one of his speeches, Maxim Galkin said that he was being followed from Russia. “I started learning Latvian because the Russians are now closely watching everything I say at concerts. Now I see that many Latvians are afraid that I will only joke in Latvian. Don’t worry. The Russians are sitting next to you. They don’t understand at all what’s going on and what they paid for“, – said, in particular, Galkin.

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