Sep 2, 2020
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Nikita Efremov remembered tears because of the words of Konstantin Raikin about the expulsion of the course

Nikita Efremov remembered his tears because of the words of Konstantin Raikin. This happened during his studies at the Moscow Art Theater, when the young artist was afraid to make a mistake, which would negatively affect his reputation.

Nikita Efremov remembered tears because of the words of Konstantin Raikin about the expulsion of the course

Konstantin Raikin once said that he intends to expel the entire course in which Efremov is trained. It turned out to be such a strong shock for the young artist that he had tears. Nikita Efremov is currently facing other problems. His father became a participant in a fatal traffic accident and is in the dock. Mikhail Efremov is accused of driving after consuming alcohol and drugs.

During the court hearings against the honored artist, testimonies of witnesses have already been heard. Nikita Efremov, despite the difficult situation, does not refuse to develop a career and continues to perform in the theater in parallel with filming a movie. He noted that he supports his father in a difficult moment for him, and in relation to this case he hopes for justice.

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While you’re watching the first episode of The Good Man, I’m reading David Hawkins’ book Letting Go. The way of surrender. ” I highly recommend everyone to read it. I will share with you the discoveries that I make for myself in the process of reading. ⠀ Often, when we experience certain feelings, especially negative ones, we blame other people or events for it. For example, you can often hear: “This person made me angry” or “It scared me.” It seems that there is an irritant, followed by a consequence – emotion. But in fact (and I am very impressed by this thought), the opposite is true. These feelings live in us, accumulate, while we suppress and restrain them. They are waiting for some reason to surface. And then – bam! – a trigger appeared and everything spills out. ⠀ In this sense, I thought about the coronavirus, or rather about the atmosphere of global catastrophe and the accompanying panic. After all, there was a feeling of anxiety and impending crap before that: films about the end of the world, the latest news about the environment, international conflicts “on the brink” and so on. It feels like the world needed a global shake-up in order to throw all its fear out. ⠀ It often happens in my life too. I’m nervous “because of work.” I am concerned about “events in the world.” The “news” upsets me. That is, my mind always sees reasons for splashing out my emotions. And it seems to me that it is they, these events, that are “to blame” for what I feel. In fact, it’s so much accumulated inside me that my mind uses the appropriate “event” to let off steam. ⠀ I noticed that when I am calm inside, then I react to events around me in an environmentally friendly and adequate manner. This means that when my focus of attention is directed to the outside and defines it as the cause of feelings or emotions, my mind is cunning and protects me from an honest look at the real reasons. It is easier to blame the “external enemy” than to admit and accept your real self. (In some ways it reminds me of the politics of one painfully familiar country?) ⠀ And now I want to offer you this game: try to build this chain in your head. Trigger – Feeling – Cause. Do you agree with Hawkins’ theory? ⠀ Photo: @xenichez Wear: @ brier.wear # feelings # psychology # nikitaefremov

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